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UP: 150 children vaccinated in government school without consent; Multiple hospitalization – Fast Hindi News

Aligarh: Around 50 students were reportedly hospitalized after a government school forcefully received vaccinations in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

According to media reports, around 150 students were locked up in a government primary school, where they forcibly administered the vaccine. After which the health of one third of the students started deteriorating.

He was immediately taken to the CHC on complaints of abdominal pain, vomiting and high fever.

When the children were questioned, they alleged that the school locked them in a room and even thrashed them for getting a dose of the vaccine.

Journalist Piyush Rai shared the post on Twitter.

No parental consent is involved

The parents revealed that they were unaware of the vaccination schedule. He revealed that he was never asked for his consent.

One of the parents said that he took his child to the hospital when the child complained of high fever after returning from school. The parents said that they were not aware of the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the CHC in-charge said that the children were given Td and DTP vaccine doses as part of the booster dose campaign. He added that side effects are common and parents have been told precautionary measures.

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