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Uric Acid: What is the normal level of uric acid in men and women? Find out with this test

Normal Level Of Uric Acid: The problem of increasing uric acid has become common these days and a large number of people of all ages are falling prey to it. Awareness about uric acid is increasing and people are trying to get the right information about it. Do you know that the normal level of uric acid is different in women and men? Some people do not even know through which test the uric acid level is detected. It is very important to have basic knowledge about uric acid. Today we will tell you what is the normal level of uric acid and through which test it is detected.

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What do experts say?

of New Delhi Dr. Amarendra Pathak, Senior Consultant, Urology Department, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital According to this, uric acid in women is considered normal in the range of 3.5 to 6 mg/dL. Uric acid levels in men can be considered normal in the range of 4 to 6.5 mg/dL. If there is more uric acid than this, a doctor should be consulted. Uric acid can increase due to many reasons. Problems in the functioning of the kidney or liver can be a major reason for the increase in uric acid. Consuming more non-veg can also increase the uric acid level. Uric acid level is checked through blood test or urine test. The uric acid level is also detected in the liver function test.

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What problems can occur due to increase in uric acid?

According to Dr. Amarendra Pathak, if the level of uric acid increases more, then it starts accumulating in the small joints of the body and due to this the problem of gout starts. Gout is a type of arthritis in which there is severe pain in the small joints of the hands and feet. Many people develop kidney stones due to the increase in the level of uric acid and in some severe cases it can also lead to kidney failure. However, kidney stones are caused by uric acid in only 5% of people.

How to Control Uric Acid Naturally?

According to experts, apart from medicines, uric acid can also be controlled through natural methods. For this, there has to be a change in food habits and a complete distance from non-veg has to be made. The timing of sleeping and getting up has to be correct. You can control uric acid to a great extent by having a better lifestyle and exercising every day. If the uric acid level has increased, then medicines should be taken after consulting a doctor. Should not be negligent at all.

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