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Uttarakhand HC: This earthquake resistant building was built by the British in Gothic style, know the history of Nainital High Court

Report: Himanshu Joshi

Nainital. Discussion has been going on for a long time regarding the shifting of Uttarakhand High Court in Nainital from Nainital city. In the last week of November, the Pushkar Singh Dhami government of the state gave the green signal to shift the High Court to Haldwani. Even though the High Court in Nainital was established only after the establishment of Uttarakhand, but this building was constructed many years before the independence of the country. Presently the High Court located at Nainital is many years old. Its foundation was laid during the British period.

Historian Professor Ajay Rawat told that from the year 1862 the exercise of construction of this building had started. Nainital was made the summer capital of the North Western Province, due to which there was a need for a secretariat to handle government work. Initially, the Secretariat was established near the Mall Road of Nainital and then near the flats. In the year 1896, it was announced to shift this secretariat. From the year 1898 to 1900 a building was constructed and from the year 1900 the secretariat was established in the present High Court building.

Ajay Rawat further told that before the establishment of the Secretariat, this area was known as ‘Bansdale Estate’. The British had built this secretariat in the Gothic style and art historians believed that this building is the best example of the Gothic style. The masonry here was done with ashlar art, which is a European art. In this, all the stones of equal size were placed one above the other and pasted together by mixing urad dal and a little jaggery in the mortar. This type of construction makes the building earthquake resistant. This art used to give a lot of strength to the building, due to which even today after almost 122 years this building is standing as it is.

After the independence of the country, the North Western Province, which later came to be known as Uttar Pradesh, had Nainital as its summer capital. Because of which all the work of the secretariat used to be done here. However, after the formation of Uttarakhand in the year 2000, Dehradun was made the capital of the state. After this, the talk of setting up a High Court in the state started coming up for discussion. In the year 2000, the then Union Law Minister Arun Jaitley came to Nainital and announced the establishment of a High Court here. Jaitley also had a childhood connection with Nainital.

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