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Uttarakhand: Two villages will be resettled near India-China border, team arrived from PM Modi’s office, army evacuated in 1960 war

Om Prakash Bhatt, Uttarkashi: Nelang and Jadung (nelang jadung uttarkashi), two villages in the Ganges valley of Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, have been deserted for 60 years. The people here are forced to live like a refugee in the low-lying area. These two villages will be able to be repopulated. After the intervention of the Prime Minister’s Office, on Saturday, the Chief Secretary of the state visited the border area of ​​Uttarkashi and reviewed the plan to resettle the people who had migrated from these villages along with the local officials. He has been instructed to make a program to settle in his village.

Nelang and Jadung are two tribal villages in the Ganges valley of Uttarkashi district, which were deserted after the Indo-China war of 1962. These villages adjoining the border are in the water of the Jad-Ganga, which is found in Bhagirathi, just before Gangotri. Due to being adjacent to the border, migration started from these villages to the low-lying area after the 1962 war. The people of these two villages had started living in the area of ​​their acquaintances in Bagori and Dunda villages near Uttarkashi.

Chief Secretary reviewed, DM gave information
Uttarkashi District Magistrate Mayur Dixit informed the Chief Secretary in detail about the scheme related to the rehabilitation of the people of these villages. He said that the survey of these two villages would be done by the team of officers to send the people here. For this, the survey work will be completed in Jadung village in the next two days on 28th and 29th March. Whereas for Nelang, the survey team of officials will visit in the month of April.

The district administration became active after the intervention of the Prime Minister’s Office
A letter was written on behalf of the residents of these villages to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in January this year demanding to resettle in the village again. The Prime Minister’s Office had instructed the Chief Secretary of the state to take action on this. After which, on Friday, an action plan has been prepared on behalf of the district administration of Uttarkashi along with the police and administrative officers along with the army, Indo-Tibetan Border Police and forest officials, demanding resettlement of the people of these villages.

This area was one of the prosperous villages before the war.
Before 1962 about forty families used to live in Nelong and about 30 families lived in Jadung also. Their main occupation was sheep rearing and farming. After the war with China, the Indian Army had removed people from here for security. Both Nelang and Jadung villages were evacuated. The people who had migrated from here then took shelter in Bagori and Dunda villages. The people of these two villages were deprived of returning to their villages for almost sixty years. Both Nelang and Jadung are the ancestral property of the people in the villages. The houses are now ruined due to lack of maintenance, but agricultural land is in both the villages.

Bhawan Singh, former head of Bagori, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister
Bhawan Singh, the former head of Bagori, had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 6 this year to solve the problem related to the displacement of these villages. In which he had demanded to allow the original residents of these two villages to settle again in these villages. Bhawan Singh Rana told reporters in Uttarkashi that he was waiting for the last sixty years for this exercise of resettlement.

Former CM had also announced for rehabilitation
Former CM Trivendra Singh Rawat had also assured the people of Nelang and Jadung to resettle in the village during a program in Harshil. This too had not been able to get off the ground till date. Rawat had then also assured the people that the state government would also help them financially for the reconstruction of their houses.
These villages of Nelang and Jadung are in the watershed of Jad-Ganga. Five kilometers before Gangotri, there is a place named Lanka on the Gangotri National Highway. From where the road cuts for both these villages. In the lower part of Lanka, the Jad-Ganga stream coming from this area joins the Bhagirathi.

Earlier the journey was on foot
Once upon a time, the route of Indo-Tibetan trade also passed through Nelong. Roads have now reached these villages, but when traders used to go from this area for Indo-Tibetan trade, they used to pass through a road carved out of rock on the other side of Lanka. This road is now being protected by the state government. This route was made by carving stones on a sharp rock. Sometime back it has also been opened for tourists. The district administration is also taking the opinion of the public representatives of these two villages to resettle the villages.

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