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Varanasi: Boat operation started for tourists in Ganga, booking is being done for Dev Deepawali

Report – Abhishek Jaiswal

Varanasi. Before the festival of Dev Deepawali in Varanasi, UP, the administration has given permission to operate the boat. After the flood waters receded, the Commissionerate Police has given permission to the sailors to operate motor boats. Due to this, not only the tourists are able to take a walk in the Ganges again, but the faces of the sailors who have been suffering from the crisis of livelihood for three months have blossomed. Apart from this, inquiries have also started coming to the sailors regarding booking on Dev Deepawali. Sonu Manjhi, who operated the boat at Assi Ghat, said that the Varanasi Police has given permission to operate the boat after the water level in the Ganges receded. Now tourists are able to see the crescent-shaped ghats of Kashi from the lap of the Ganges.

Apart from this, people are also calling for booking a boat for Dev Deepawali, the biggest festival of Varanasi. Let us inform that after the flood waters increased, the booking of the boat for Dev Diwali started getting canceled. However, now that the ban has been lifted, the confusion is also over and then the booking work is started.

sailors’ faces
Local Bharat Nishad told that in these three months the sailors were unemployed due to boat operation restrictions and they were also struggling with livelihood crisis. Permission has been given to operate the boat from back, so now again this crisis is over. Apart from this, the tourists who were going back without taking a boat tour. There is an atmosphere of happiness in them too.

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