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VIDEO: ‘I eat 2-3 kg of abuses daily’, PM Modi told in Telangana – why doesn’t he get tired?


PM Narendra Modi on Telangana tour, lashed out at the state government
Said- I eat 2-3 kg of abuses daily, that’s why I don’t get tired
PM strongly targeted the superstition of the state government

Hyderabad. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on Telangana tour on Saturday. During this, while addressing the public, he took a dig at the Telangana government. He said- ‘People ask me why he doesn’t get tired even after working hard. I don’t get tired because I eat 2-3 kg of abuses everyday. With the blessings of God, the abuses given to me turn into nutrition.

PM Modi met Telangana Chief Minister K. Without naming Chandrashekhar Rao, he called him indulging in the politics of corruption and familyism. He said that the state wants a government with ‘people first, not family’. You abuse Modi, you abuse BJP, but if you abuse the people of Telangana, you will have to pay a heavy price.

PM’s appeal to workers
PM Modi said- I want to make a personal prayer to the workers of Telangana. Some people will use many slurs against Modi out of despair, fear and superstition. I pray not to be misled by their trickery. He accused the state government of deliberately creating obstacles in the implementation of the schemes of the central government.

Taunt on the superstition of the government
PM Modi asked the Chief Minister of the state K. The superstition of Chandrashekhar Rao was also taunted. He claimed that all important decisions, where to live, where to hold office, who should be made a minister, are all being taken on the lines of superstition. This is the biggest obstacle in social justice. Telangana is the center of information technology. But, superstition is being promoted in this modern city, it is sad. If we want to develop Telangana, if we want to bring it out of backwardness, first of all superstitions have to be removed from here.

Online payment reduced corruption
Prime Minister Modi claimed that the opposition parties are uniting as they fear that the investigating agencies will investigate their corruption. He said that the government promoted digital transactions and online payments. This has reduced the corruption to a great extent. Because, this will reveal the reality of everyone. Online transactions become a direct link between the government and the public.

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