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Video: The doctor beat up the woman who came for treatment, slapped many…

Doctor Beats Woman Patient: A case of a doctor beating up a female patient has come to light in a hospital in Chhattisgarh. The matter is being told of Korba District Hospital in Chhattisgarh, where a drunken doctor beat up a female patient who came for treatment. It is alleged that the doctor on duty slapped the woman several times on her cheek and also pulled her hair. After this incident with the female patient, there was a stir in the hospital. The video of the incident of assault with a female patient inside the hospital went viral. The hospital administration, who swung into action after the video went viral, has issued a notice to the accused doctor.

Shyam Kumar, a resident of Gerwani village, son of the female patient, said that his mother Sukhmati’s health suddenly deteriorated late on Tuesday (November 8). He told that his mother is a patient of blood pressure. He immediately called the health line service for help, but they said that it would take time. After that Shyam took his ailing mother in an auto rickshaw without wasting time and reached Korba District Hospital.

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The son was made silent on objecting

Shyam said that a doctor who was on casualty duty at that time put his mother Sukhmati on a stretcher and started slapping her. The accused doctor slapped Sukhmati on her cheek and also pulled her hair. To this, when the patient’s son objected, the doctor silenced him. During this, someone present there made a video of the incident and made it viral.

The hospital administration gave notice to the accused doctor

The district hospital administration swung into action after the video went viral. After this, the identity of the accused doctor has been given to him initially. The hospital administration says that this matter is very serious. Therefore, after the side of the doctor related to the matter comes, further action will be taken in it. The hospital administration assured that the guilty doctor would not be spared. It is being told that this is not the first case. Even before this such incidents have happened in the hospital.

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