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Video: Two thieves came to steal as corporation employees, the guard’s promptness ruined the plan

Bike Theves Arrested In Delhi: On Tuesday 27 September, an incident of attempted theft was seen in Kalkaji area. The case is of Delhi’s Kalkaji Extension, where two people tried to steal a bike. Actually, two people posing as employees of the municipal corporation tried to steal the bike of a delivery agent, but due to the quickness of the guard, they could not succeed in stealing. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed there.

Entered the colony as a fake officer

In Delhi’s Kalkaji Extension, two people entered the colony posing as fake officers. The thieves introduced themselves as officers of the municipal corporation and told the people of the colony that they had come here to inspect the building. Around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the thieves caught an opportunity of theft. He saw a courier delivery agent’s bike with a key on it, as the agent had come down from the bike to ring the doorbell of a house.

Bike thieves caught like this

The thieves turned on the key as soon as they got a chance and tried to run away with a speedy bike. Then the delivery agent saw the thieves taking the bike and shouted loudly. At the same time, the security guard standing at the gate closed the gate of the colony. However, the miscreants tried to enter the middle of the gate, but the bike collided and fell down. After which the people present there caught one thief, while the other managed to escape from there. However, later he too was caught from a nearby colony. The people of the colony called the Police Control Room and informed about the incident. After which the police reached there and took both of them into custody.

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