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VIDEO: Your breath will stop after watching the video of bathing snakes, people said – pretend to be afraid

New Delhi. Many such videos go viral on social media, which we are surprised to see. One such video is going viral on social media, seeing which you can get goosebumps. You must have seen the video of bathing elephant, horse, monkey. But have you ever seen a video of bathing snakes? In the video which is quite surprising, a girl is bathing not one but many snakes with her hands. In the viral video, you can see that a girl pours a bucketful of water on black snakes and then is bathing the snakes on a water shower from the pipe.

In the last of the viral video, the girl is also seen dancing with a snake in her hand and dancing her head like a snake’s head. Anyone can stop breathing by watching this 42 second video. This video has been shared on social media Reddit. This video has been shared on Reddit with an account named Uwakeup. Thousands of likes have come on this so far. At the same time, people are also commenting on this viral video. Commenting on a user wrote that this is a cobra, at least pretend to be afraid. On the other hand, another user commented and wrote that I think snakes are scared, snakes are thinking that after how long they will make them a pipe too.

Apart from this, another user wrote that this girl is not bathing snakes, she is cleaning the floor. At the same time, people have commented showing mercy on the condition of snakes. One user wrote that the venom of these snakes has been removed. If it is nothing else then it is cruelty to snakes.

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