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Vindhyachal Mandir: There are four aartis of Mother Vindhyavasini every day, know the reason and specialty

Report – Mangala Tiwari

Mirzapur. Vindhyavasini Dham situated in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh has been the main focal point of Shakti worship and spiritual practice since time immemorial. It has always been considered a suitable Shakti Dham for South and Left path seekers. Apart from this, Mother Vindhyavasini is the Kuldevi of families of many regions of South India including Maharashtra, Rajasthan. Whereas here along with the common devotees, political families also pray for prosperity on the doorstep of the mother with reverence. Mata Vindhyavasini, who is seated on the Vindhya mountain, performs aarti in four forms every day, which bestows the four purusharthas of life, meaning, religion, work and salvation.

There is a temple of Shakti Swarupa Maa Vindhyavasini on the banks of the Ganges in Vindhyachal city, 8 km from Mirzapur. It is believed that Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma worshiped her by giving her the status of mother. In Vindhyachal Dham, there are darshans of the mother from childhood to old age. Since time immemorial, it is believed that all the sorrows of the devotees are dispelled by the mere darshan of these four forms of the mother. Mother Vindhyavasini is seen in four different forms through Mangala Aarti, Rajshree Aarti, Deepdan Aarti, Badi Aarti. At the same time, Pankaj Dwivedi, president of Vindhya Panda Samaj, told that by attending the aarti of Mother Vindhyavasini, all kinds of wishes are fulfilled. Devotees participate in the worship of Maa Bhagwati with all kinds of aspirations, from Mangal dosha, marriage, splendor, attainment of son to attainment of salvation, and the mother blesses everyone.

Mangala Aarti (morning)
The first aarti of Mother Vindhyavasini is performed in the Brahma Muhurta at four in the morning. This aarti which is of child form is called Mangala Aarti. In this, the form of Mother Vindhyavasini is of childhood. During this, the mother does not wear any jewelery in makeup. After this aarti, the devotees get blessed with the attainment of religion as well as their future is blessed by the mere sight of the child form of Mother Vindhyavasini.

Rajshree Aarti (Afternoon):
At twelve o’clock in the afternoon there is the second aarti of the young form of Mother Vindhyavasini, which is called Rajshree Aarti. In this, the form of mother queen is of Raj Rajeshwari’s youth. At this time, the grand decoration of Mother Vindhyavasini is done, in which the mother wearing ornaments gives the second step meaning of the four Purusharthas. By seeing this form of Maa Vindhyavasini, devotees get the meaning, that is, prosperity and splendor. He never had any problem related to money. While married life is also happy.

Deepdan Aarti (Evening Hour):
Mother’s third (small) aarti is held at seven o’clock in the evening, which is called Deepdan Aarti. During this, along with grand decorations, the mother keeps wearing ornaments. During this, the form of Mother Vindhyavasini takes on the form of adulthood. At the same time, at 7 to 8 in the evening, Adishakti Jagatjanani Maa Vindhyavasini gives darshan to the devotees in the form of mature age. Devotees get a son by seeing this form of mother.

Big Aarti (Night):
A big aarti is performed at 9.30 pm, in which grand decoration is done in the form of old age of the mother of the world. This form of mother is called Mokshapradayini. Devotees attain salvation by attending the darshan and aarti of this form, which frees them from the shackles of birth and death and attains a place at the feet of the Goddess. (Note- This news is based on assumptions. News 18 does not confirm this.)

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