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Viral Video: The dogs chased such that the leopard who came to hunt had to run away to save his life

Report: Pawan Singh Kunwar

Nainital: There is strength in unity… any problem can be easily faced by being united and the dogs did something similar in Nainital. The video shown above is from a locality in Nainital. Here a leopard entered the residential area. Before the leopard could make a dog its prey, the dogs of the locality chased it in such a way that it had to run away after saving its life.

According to the information received, this CCTV footage is of a private hotel located in Ayarpata of Nainital city. A leopard had entered that area to hunt dogs, but little did he know that the next moment the dogs would attack him. Before the leopard could pounce on any dog, the herd of dogs became alert and then all together forced the leopard to run away.

the employee was nervous

Hotel employee Ashish told that when he came out, he saw the leopard jumping over the gate and entering the hotel. At that time there was a pack of dogs behind him. According to Ashish, he panicked and locked the office room from inside. After this he informed the manager Sandeep about this.

leopard panic in the area

When Sandeep saw the footage in the CCTV camera installed in the hotel, he too was shocked. It was clearly seen in the video that a pack of stray dogs were following the leopard from the Mallital ground leading to the university. In this incident which took place at 11.19 pm, the dogs chased the leopard away from its boundary. Let us tell you that leopards are often seen in this area surrounded by dense forest. There is so much fear of leopard in this area that people hesitate to walk on this walking path after dark.

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