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Viral Video: The elephant gave ‘hand’ to the bus and tried to climb… people said, everyone has to go home on Diwali

New Delhi: Everyone is in a hurry to go home on the festival of Diwali. After completing the office work on Friday, people left for their homes in the evening itself. As a result, not only Delhi-NCR, there was a long jam in many metros of the country. In NCR, the situation became such that people struggled in the jam for 5-6 hours. Here, a video is going viral on social media. In this, an elephant is seen giving a hand to Tata’s small bus. It can be seen from the front that passengers are also sitting inside the bus. Just as the common people on the road signal to stop the bus with their hands, similarly the gesture was made by the elephant with its trunk.

The matter did not stop here. Hathi Maharaj started trying to open the gate as soon as the bus stopped. Seeing the video, it seems as if the elephant also wants to go somewhere. People who struggled with the jam in the night got happy after watching the video.

Sharing the video, IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra wrote, ‘Everyone wants to reach home as soon as possible during the Diwali holidays.’ Seeing the video early in the morning, people started sharing it on Twitter. One user wrote, as if the elephant had told the driver, brother, stop for a while.

A few hours before this, the IPS officer had shared a video. In this, a person comes from the bike and after hitting the car, jumps in such a way that it sits on top of the car.

Warning the people, the IPS officer wrote,
Diwali holidays are
Everyone has to reach home early.

Don’t be the enemy of your own happiness.
Control the speed of the vehicle.



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