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Voting took place 3 times after uproar in Delhi, Mayor’s elections are going to be held again, know the reason

New Delhi. The mayor was elected on 22 February after three unsuccessful attempts to conduct Delhi MCD Election. Now on March 31, the tenure of Mayor Shaili Oberoi and Deputy Mayor Iqbal of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi ended. In such a situation, there has again been a stir in the political circles regarding the election of a new mayor. Now Delhi’s LG Vinay Saxena has to decide when the MCD elections will be held. However, till the elections are held, the mayor and deputy mayor of Delhi will continue in their posts. Usually, the elections for the mayor and deputy mayor of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi are held in April only. It is being told that the process of these elections can start in 1-2 weeks.

According to the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, the mayor, deputy mayor and a standing committee consisting of 6 members are elected every time in the session of the municipal corporation starting from 1 April. Due to this, Shelly Oberoi remained mayor only for 38 days. Due to the late MCD elections and then three ruckus in the House meeting, the Mayor’s elections were postponed.

Under what rule is the election held?
Let us tell you that due to the MCD Act, the year of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi starts from the first day of April and ends on March 31 next year.

The mayor’s office will fix its date only after that the process will start. The proposal for the election will be sent to the Municipal Commissioner, then it will be sent to the Urban Development Department. After this it will reach the LG and he will appoint the presiding officer. In such a situation, the question arises that who can be made the presiding officer, then according to the law, the candidate for the post of mayor cannot be the presiding officer, in such a case the LG will call and appoint the presiding officer on his behalf.

There is talk that the Aam Aadmi Party may field its current mayor Shelly Oberoi for a second term. According to the MCD Act, the post of mayor is reserved for women in the first year and for the general category in the second year. After this, the third year is reserved for the Scheduled Castes and the fourth and fifth years are again reserved for the general category candidates.

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