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We will not leave Dosti, after Arif, now Afroz, know the very interesting story of friendship with Saras

afroz saras friendship viral news: Afroz Nepali’s father Safiq Khan Nepali, a resident of Chatauna village in Lambhua tehsil of Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, used to live with a stork a few years back. Saras, who lived with his father, had died in an accident a year ago. Afroz’s father Safiq Nepali suffered a heart attack on the death of Saras aka Sweety, after which he used to worry about Sweety and Saras all the time. The friendship between Mo Arif and Saras, a resident of Mandkha village in Amethi district, was making headlines in the social media and newspapers that the new friendship of Saras and Afroz is also in discussion in the neighboring Sultanpur district.


A similar case has come to the fore in Sultanpur district, which is from Chatauna village of Lambhua tehsil of Sultanpur district. Discussions about friendship of village resident Afroz Nepali with Saras alias Sweety are also going viral. This stork has been living near Afroz for the last five and a half months. Eating and drinking with the members of the house and roaming inside the boundary wall of the house. The name of the stork, about 5 feet tall, was sweetened by the family members with love.,


Afroz says that about 5 and a half months ago a friend of his brother had found it near a pond built for fish farming. One month old child, then they did not know which bird’s child it was. This stork was brought home from near the pond and since then the age of the stork was around one month but today it has become more than 5 feet tall and this state bird has become a member of the family of Afroz Nepali. Has gone,


This story is very interesting and there are many twists and turns in this story. Will tell you that Afroz’s father Safiq Khan also used to have a special friend. His family’s connection with the stork bird is very old. Safiq alias Nepali had kept a stork in the year 2019. This stork was also mixed with the whole family. Even the people of the village and neighborhood knew him by the name of Nepalese stork. The family members also named this stork.,


On the other hand, Saras aka Sweety’s friend Afroz said that his stork likes flour and potatoes very much and likes to eat flour and potatoes the most. Whenever he feels hungry and thirsty, he signals. At the same time, after having food with the family members, he gets busy in playing. He likes to live in the village where there is mud or water swamp.


Afroz Nepali of Sultanpur said that he came to know about the friendship between Arif Bhai and Saras of Amethi. Various YouTube channels separated him from his friend in the wake of his earnings. We do not want to do any such work. That’s why I don’t want to get confused. We love her. We do not want any publicity or earning from it. While Divisional Forest Officer Sultanpur Raj Kumar Tripathi told,

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