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Went abroad thrice in nine months during India-China standoff: Rajnath Singh


On Thursday, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh participated in the Defense Expo held in Gandhinagar.
Rajnath Singh said that he had traveled abroad 9 times when there was tension on the border with China.
Rajnath Singh said that India has become more powerful in the last few years in dealing with threats from the neighbourhood.

Gandhinagar. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Thursday that he had to go abroad thrice in nine months after the India-China border standoff began in May 2020. Rajnath also stressed on building a strong defense industry in the country to reduce dependence on other countries in terms of arms and ammunition. He said that apart from the uniqueness and technology in the scheme, India also needs indigenous equipment. Russia, which is a major supplier of defense components to India, was among the countries that Rajnath visited amid tensions with China along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The Defense Minister said that India’s defense preparedness has got a boost in the last few years. “I can say with confidence that our preparedness to deal with threats to the neighborhood has strengthened over the years,” he said. We need uniqueness in planning and indigenous equipment and technology to deal with our adversities. Rajnath was speaking at a seminar on ‘Self-reliant India and Make in India – Framework for Armed Forces’ organized at the ongoing ‘Defense Expo’ in Gandhinagar.

He said that New Delhi has to face such situations when it takes a lot of time to buy military equipment from other countries. He said, ‘I have experienced it personally. I had to go abroad thrice in nine months during the India-China standoff (in 2020). In such a situation, those imported equipment not only lose their uniqueness, but also prove to be less effective than others. The Defense Minister said that the domestic defense industry should ensure timely supply of arms, ammunition and spares in case of conflict situations.

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