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What are Huron, the beautiful women of heaven… neither sick nor pregnant


What is the belief about Hoor or Huri in Islam. Is there anything written about it in their scriptures, the Qur’an or the Hadiths?
Hur is an extremely beautiful young woman whose body is transparent, white in color

There was a lot of controversy recently on the film ‘The Kerala Story’ directed by Sudipto Sen. Now a controversy has also started on the film ’72 Hooren’ made on a similar issue. As soon as the teaser of this film was released, there was an uproar on social media. Well the film has its place. What exactly are hoors? In most of the religions, imagining heaven and heaven, beautiful women have been imagined there or it is believed that there are such women, some religion calls them Apsara or Urvasi, and somewhere they are called Hoor.

We will know what is the belief about Hur or Huri in Islam. Has anything been written or said about it in their theology, Quran or Hadiths. By the way, there is a belief in Islam that if one devotes his life in the service of God and gives his life for that, then he gets Jannat. Where all the troubles end and there is good luck.

very beautiful women with transparent body
In Hadith Tirmizi Volume-2 p.(35-40) it has been said about the beauty of Huron like this –

According to WikiIslam, a painter has imagined 72 Hurons like this. (wikipedia)

Hur is an extremely beautiful young woman whose body is transparent. The liquid flowing in his bones looks like strings of rubies and pearls. He looks like red wine in a transparent white glass.
– Her color is white, and like ordinary women, she is beyond physical deficiencies and disorders.
Every hur is a girl of teenage age. His body constitution is attractive. The Hurons live in palaces with grand complexes.
– If Hoor looks towards the earth from his abode in ‘Jannat’, then the whole path becomes fragrant and illuminated.
– The face of a hero is more shining than a mirror. One can see his reflection in his cheek.

Has anything been said about them in the Qur’an as well?
In the tafsirs and commentaries of the Qur’an, the Hurons are described as

36:55 – Partner
37:48 – With big and beautiful eyes
38:52 – Submissive Gaze
44:54 – Wide and beautiful eyes
52:20 – “Broad and beautiful eyed
55:56 – “Untouchable by man or jinn
55:58 – Beautiful like a ruby ​​and a coral
55:72 – Bright eyed girls in pavilions
55:74 – Untouchable by any man
44:54 – Thus we will marry them to beautiful women with big beautiful eyes

they have very beautiful eyes
In Islamic beliefs, there are women whose eyes are very beautiful, which are found by those Muslims who believe in God and Jannat. He sacrifices himself for them. This type of term or thing has come at least 04 times in Quran. A lot has been said about this in the hadiths as well. Smith and Haddad in their book “Islamic Understanding” (Smith & Haddad, Islamic Understanding) wrote about Hur after studying the hadiths, which is the essence of

“It is generally said that they are made of saffron from feet to knees, musk from knees to chest, amber from breast to neck and camphor from neck to head. Traditions describe him as wearing 70 to 70,000 gowns, through which even the marrow of his bones can be seen because of the beauty of his flesh. Hur does not sleep, does not become pregnant, does not menstruate and never falls ill.
Traditionally it has been believed that Huri are beautiful women who are promised as a reward to men who believe, many Hadith and Quranic quotes speak of them. In recent years, however, some have argued that the term hur refers to both pure men and pure women (it is a plural word for both masculine and feminine forms).


In the scriptures and beliefs of Persia, beautiful women living in heaven have been addressed as fairies. Who come to take us to the bridge of heaven after death. (wiki commons)

Annemarie Schimmel states that the Qur’anic description of the Hurons should be seen in the context of love; “Every pious person who lives according to Allah’s orders will enter Paradise where rivers of milk and honey flow in cool, fragrant gardens and virgin lovers await them.”

Do other religions also imagine beautiful women in heaven
In Hindu stories, beautiful Apsaras have been imagined in the heavenly world. She is the dancer of Devlok. Prominent among these are Urvashi, Rambha, Maneka etc. Urvashi is considered a famous Apsara in Rigveda. Apsaras are generally given the name ‘Nymph’ in Greek texts. He is young, handsome, unmarried, covered with clothes till the waist.

According to Parsi religion, after the death of a person, his soul goes to heaven through a bridge. On reaching the other side of the bridge, he is met by a very beautiful woman who takes him to the ‘House of Song’. In the Abrahamic religion, there is a concept of the Garden of Eden after death. Where a person lives in the company of beautiful women after death in a beautiful garden.

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