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What did CM Arvind Kejriwal say to abp news on Shraddha murder case? learn

Arvind Kejriwal On Shraddha Murder Case: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s reaction has come to the fore on Delhi’s famous Shraddha murder case. Arvind Kejriwal said in the special show press conference of ABP News that this is a very heinous crime. This type of crime cannot be tolerated in any country or society. Demanding strict punishment to the accused, he said that I think that the person who commits such a crime should be punished so severely that even if someone thinks of committing such a crime in the future, his soul will tremble.

Delhi’s Shraddha murder case is currently in discussion in the country. This case of murder has shocked the whole country. Her boyfriend Aftab Poonawala (28) has been accused of murdering a 26-year-old girl named Shraddha Walker. Aftab had carried out this murder in the month of May this year. Although this matter is open this week.

Meeting in Mumbai, Murder in Delhi

Shraddha and Aftab met in the year 2019 in Mumbai through the Bumble app. Both used to work in the call center at that time. After this both fell in love and they decided to stay in live-in. However, this decision was opposed by the girl’s parents. Despite the opposition of the family, both started living together. Both had come to Delhi in the month of May this year.

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The dead body was cut into 35 pieces

After coming to Delhi, both of them rented a house in Mehrauli area. Aftab killed Shraddha three days after she shifted to Delhi. Aftab told the police that there was a quarrel over household expenses and marriage, after which he killed Shraddha. According to the police, the accused cut the body into 35 pieces and kept them in the fridge. For the next 18 days, he used to go everyday to throw the body parts in the forest.

Aftab will have narco test

The girl’s father had lodged a complaint about her missing, after which the police investigated, after that this case of murder was opened and Aftab was arrested. On the last day itself, Delhi’s Saket court has sent Aftab on police remand for 5 days. Along with this, the court has also approved for Aftab’s narco test.

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