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What did the workers trapped in the tunnel for 17 days do, how did they spend so much time?

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What did the workers do who were trapped in the tunnel for 17 days?

Laborer Sukhram, who reached his village in Jharkhand after being rescued safely after being trapped in the Silkyara tunnel of Uttarkashi for 17 days, narrated his ordeal and said that games like ‘Chor-Sipahi’ kept him alive in the tunnel for a long time. Recalling the incident, Sukhram, a resident of Khirabeda village on the outskirts of Ranchi, said that suddenly he heard a loud sound of thunder, but by the time he could understand it, panic spread. Sukhram reached his home late at 1 o’clock on Friday night, where he was given a warm welcome.

Played games like Raja-Queen and Chor-Sipahi

Speaking to news agency ‘PTI-Bhasha’, Sukhram said, “Childhood games like Raja-Rani and Chor-Sipahi kept us alive and helped us overcome the frustration and disappointment of the early days.” “We were doing concrete work inside the tunnel when suddenly we heard the sound of thunder and we got very scared. We stood shocked and frightened. This shocked us and many of us thought this was the end.” Sukhram said that he sent a signal to those trapped inside by cutting the pipe carrying dirty water outside with a ‘gas cutter’.

Food items started becoming available through pipes

He said, “As soon as contact was established with the outside, hope arose and soon we started getting food items like ‘muri’ (rice slag), cashew nuts and raisins through a pipe.” Sukhram said. During the initial days, the ‘muri’ or ‘murmures’ and dry fruits sent inside the tunnel would get dirty, but they used to clean them using a ‘sieve’ made to separate gravel from sand. He said whatever was sent would have been distributed among the 41 people trapped inside. starting

Initially water dripping from rocks was used

He told that for water they initially depended on water dripping from rocks and sometimes also played sports. He said that the workers trapped in the tunnel sometimes talked about their families and sometimes thought about their future. Sukhram said, “All the games we played in our childhood came in handy to save us.” Started getting it through big pipe.

‘We thank the people of the country wholeheartedly’

“We had no other option inside the tunnel to defecate,” he said. This was done at the farthest end and then covered with soil.” An emotional Sukhram said, ”Praying became a routine for us and eventually God heard us. We cannot describe our happiness at coming out alive and what gives great satisfaction is that the people outside were happier than us. We wholeheartedly thank the people of the country and give special thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Hemant Soren, who have assured us of providing employment opportunities here.

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