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What does Sidhu want after all? After reaching Delhi, politics heated up again

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The politics of Punjab has been hot since Navjot Singh Sidhu joined Congress. He dropped the wicket of even the party’s strong leader Captain Amarinder Singh. Within a few months of becoming the Punjab Congress chief, he ate Amarinder’s CM post. Then Congress presented Charanjit Singh Channi in Punjab. Sidhu also had a rift with him. It reached such an extent that Sidhu, the cricketer-turned-politician, even resigned from the post. It is another matter that Congress did not accept his resignation.

The Punjab Congress has been in constant turmoil for quite some time now. Sidhu has been behind all this. It is another matter that the party is not able to get rid of them. He has become a doll of jaggery, which the party is neither able to swallow nor spit.

Sidhu created a stir again on Thursday. He reached the party office in Delhi to discuss organizational matters related to Punjab Congress. It is only a matter of not tuning in with Channi, the new CM of Punjab. Its indications were also given by the Congress in-charge of Punjab, Harish Rawat. He said that Navjot Singh Sidhu and Charanjit Singh Channi have spoken on some issues. Solution will come out. There are some things that take time.

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After all, what is it that the Congress comes on the backfoot regarding Sidhu? Why is the party not able to show the way out to Sidhu, who has created so many problems for the Congress? Such questions are bound to arise. Especially when elections are to be held in Punjab next year. At the same time, all these issues are likely to harm the party.

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Before the battle between Sidhu and Capt., where there was every possibility that the Congress would return to the state. At the same time, now the same thing cannot be done with any claim. Why is Congress looking so helpless in front of Sidhu?

Experts say that there is a reason behind this. The first thing is that their mass base is very high. That is, he is a popular leader. Opposition parties also accuse him of various kinds so that Sidhu leaves the Congress. Sidhu repeatedly says that his motive for joining politics is to give priority to the issues of Punjab. He won’t settle for it. For this they are ready to pay any price. This appeals to the people.



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