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What has changed in the country after 2014, PM Modi listed these things one after the other

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that whatever India is achieving today. Behind that is the strength of our democracy, the strength of our institutions. He said that the world is seeing today that the democratically elected government in India is taking decisive decisions. The Prime Minister talked about the news headlines during the previous governments and the news headlines in the current times. The Prime Minister said that earlier there used to be headlines – scam of so many lakh crore rupees in this sector, people came out on the streets against corruption. Today the headlines are – Because of the action in the cases of corruption, the fearful corrupt people mobilized and took to the streets.

What has changed between before and now?
The Prime Minister said that earlier there used to be headlines of bomb blasts in cities, headlines of Naxalite incidents. Today there are more news of peace and prosperity. Earlier there used to be news of stopping the project in the name of environment. He said what kind of news comes now. Earlier there used to be news of the plight of Air India. Now the headline of the biggest deal of planes is made. The Prime Minister said that you too should not come under anyone’s pressure and do not miss the opportunity to make headlines of positive news in the process of balancing. This is India’s time. Other countries are also optimistic about India.

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Capacity of 130 crores… no problem can survive
PM Modi said that the way of finding solutions to problems only through government and power gives very limited results. But when the strength of 130 crore countrymen is mobilized, when everyone’s effort is put in, then no problem can stand in front of the country. Today the whole world is filled with a belief about India. Today India is the fastest growing economy in the world. PM Modi said that in the midst of the global crisis, today India’s economy is strong, the banking system is strong, this is the strength of our institutions. He said that we have delivered the corona vaccine to faraway places. This is the strength of our institutions. This success only stings some people.

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Gave more than 3 crore houses in the last 9 years
The Prime Minister said that in view of the earlier elections, there were announcements of loan waiver for the farmers. But crores of farmers did not even have bank accounts and used to take loans from other sources. They did not get any benefit of loan waiver. We changed this situation also. So far, about two and a half lakh crore rupees have been sent directly to the bank accounts of the farmers from the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. There was a scheme of houses for the poor earlier too, but what was the status of those schemes… everyone knows this. Our government also completely changed it. Now the money of the house is sent directly to the bank account of that poor person. In the last 9 years, we have built more than 3 crore houses and given them to the poor.

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Now the government cares about the people
PM Modi said that citizens now have faith that the government cares for them, we have given a human touch to governance. He said that the people’s blessings should be on the resolutions of the country. He said that the people of the country have as much faith in the government today and the government also cares about them. Sensitivity is essential in good governance. There is sensitivity in our government and its effect is visible. All this is necessary for development.

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