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What is going to change in IPC including new rules on terrorism, mob lynching?

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Home Minister Amit Shah gave big information.

Major changes are going to happen in the Indian Penal Code (IPC), Code of Criminal Procedure (CRPC) and Evidence Act. These three laws will soon be replaced by the Indian Justice Code, the Indian Civil Defense Code and the Indian Evidence Act. A bill regarding this has been introduced in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah is answering questions related to these changes. Let us know whether anything new will be seen after these changes.

What changes will happen?

Many major changes will be seen in the three new laws introduced in the Lok Sabha. Home Minister Amit Shah told in the Lok Sabha that earlier there were 484 sections in the Indian Civil Protection Code (CRPC), now there will be 531, there have been changes in 177 sections. 9 new sections have been added, 39 new sub-sections have been added, 44 new provisions and clarifications have been added, time lines have been added to 35 sections and 14 sections have been deleted.

Explanation of terrorism and hanging on mob lynching

Home Minister Amit Shah said that mob lynching is a disgusting crime and in this law we are making a provision for death penalty for the crime of mob lynching. He asked the opposition that you have also ruled the country for years, why did you not make a law against mob lynching? Amit Shah said that terrorism was not defined in any law till now. For the first time, now the Modi government is going to explain terrorism so that no one can take advantage of its shortcomings.

Sedition law repealed

Home Minister Amit Shah told in the Lok Sabha that the black laws of the British like treason have been abolished. Sedition law has been brought in its place. Speaking against the country would be a crime. There will be jail for armed rebellion. He said that the old laws were made by the then foreign rulers to help them maintain their dominance. The new laws have been made keeping in mind the core values โ€‹โ€‹of our Constitution โ€“ individual liberty, human rights and equal treatment for all.

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