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What is the connection between the four people who created ruckus in Parliament?

Image Source : INDIA TV
There was a stir in the Parliament

New Delhi: There is panic in the national capital Delhi. The news of two people breaking the security cordon and entering the Lok Sabha during the winter session of Parliament has shaken the entire country. This is a big lapse in security. However, the security personnel have caught these two people and they are also being interrogated. Both of them have been identified as Manoranjan and Sagar Sharma. Two people named Amol and Neelam have been arrested from outside the Parliament. In such a situation, the biggest question is what is the connection between these four?

This thing came to light regarding hiding the connection and spray

According to sources, all four people (Manoranjan, Sagar Sharma, Amol and Neelam) are Facebook friends. He told the police that he wanted to do something big. These people had torn the shoe and hidden the spray in it.

What is the whole matter?

In fact, a big case of security lapse came to light inside the Lok Sabha. A man and a woman sitting in the audience gallery in the Lok Sabha jumped down from the gallery and allegedly threw gas-dispersing material. Talking to India TV, BSP MP Malook Nagar told what happened inside. He said that when we went to catch him, he took out the shoe… then smoke started coming out of it.

MPs beat up

Maluk Nagar told that the MP first beat up the two people who breached the security of the Parliament. After this, when the security personnel caught him, they also washed him thoroughly.

Who is Amol?

Amol Dhanraj Shinde of Jari village of Chakur tehsil of Latur district of Maharashtra is a youth of about 25 to 27 years. This case has nothing to do with Maratha reservation but initial information has been received that Amol Shinde belongs to the Dalit class. His parents work as labourers. Amol Shinde was preparing for recruitment in the army and police. Once he had passed the physical test of police recruitment but had failed in the written examination. Because of this he was under stress for the last few days. His family lives in the village. He is not married yet. The police have also gone to his house.

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