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What is the meaning of different colors of Indian passport? which one is the most powerful

Indian Passport Facts: If you want to go on a foreign trip, first you will need a passport and then a visa for that country. Passport is the identity of your being an Indian citizen abroad. Indian passport is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world. You can gauge the power of Indian passport from the fact that citizens of India can travel to five dozen countries of the world without visa. At the same time, visa on arrival facility is also provided for Indians in some countries. The Government of India issues passports of blue, maroon, white and orange colours. Do you know which color passport is issued to whom and what facilities are available on it?

You cannot go abroad without a passport. Apart from identifying you as an Indian abroad, it is also used for ID and address proof. The Government of India issues blue colored passports to the common citizens of the country. At the same time, white colored passport is given to those going abroad for government work. Apart from this, maroon passport is issued for Indian diplomats and senior government officials. Orange colored passports are issued for people with less education and going abroad as workers.

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What’s in the blue passport
Blue colored passport is issued for common Indian citizens. To keep common Indians apart from government officials and diplomats, the Government of India has kept a difference in the colors of passports. This makes it easier for custom officers and passport checking officers in other countries. The name, date of birth and place of birth of the holder are written in this passport. Apart from this, it contains the holder’s photograph, signature and other related information. Passport is considered to be the most reliable document of identity. After the passport is issued, an Indian citizen can travel by getting a visa of any country on it.

Passport is the identity of your being an Indian citizen abroad.

Orange Passport for Migrant Laborer
The Government of India issues orange colored passports to those Indian citizens who have studied only up to 10th standard. This passport is mostly issued to those Indians who go abroad to work as migrant laborers. Orange passport holder needs someone’s help to understand the directions. On the orange passport also complete information about the holder including photo is recorded.

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white passport to government official
White passport is issued to officials traveling abroad on official work. This passport represents government officials. At the time of customs checking, they are treated like government officials. For white passport, the applicant has to give a separate application. In this he has to tell why he needs this passport? Those holding white passport get many facilities separately.

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After the passport is issued, an Indian citizen can travel by getting a visa of any country on it.

no visa required on maroon passport
Maroon passports are issued to Indian diplomats and senior government officials. Indian diplomats and senior government officials of the IPS and IAS ranks are included in this category. The holder of this passport represents India abroad. Its color makes it very special. The holder of this passport is given many additional facilities during travel from embassy abroad. The most important thing is that the holder of Maroon passport does not need a visa to go to other countries. Not only this, immigration is also faster and easier than normal people. It is also not easy to file a case against the holder of this passport abroad.

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