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What is this Delhi MCD, how is its election, how it is different from MP, MLA, know everything

New Delhi: Election is the word most of the people of India are aware of. There are many elections held at different levels in the country. Election of head, councilor, MLA and MP. MCD elections are going to be held in Delhi too and this time the election is a bit different. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is now one and this time there is an election on 250 wards. What is MCD? How are councilors elected and what is the role of councilors? There are MLAs in Delhi as well as councillors… how is the scope and role of both different. It is important to understand the connection between MCD and Townhall in Delhi. The way political parties want to capture MCD, it is important for the public to know that their role is not limited to just casting votes.

It is 64 years ago which is important to understand

The journey of MCD begins 64 years back at the historic Townhall at Chandni Chowk, Delhi. The more than 150-year-old Town Hall in the heart of Delhi then used to be the center of power for the civic body. The first mayor of MCD was freedom fighter Aruna Asaf Ali. Most of the capital Delhi was ruled by a unified MCD. The MCD was constituted under the Municipal Corporation of Delhi Act, 1957 passed by the Parliament. According to the information, a decade after India’s independence, when policy makers were thinking about MCD, it was decided to constitute it on the lines of ‘Bombay Municipal Corporation’. According to an old succession board that housed the old commissioner’s office at the Town Hall, the first Municipal Commissioner of Delhi, PR Nayak, also took charge on April 7, 1958, and his term ended on December 15, 1960.

Number of councilors and now a municipal corporation
In the year 1958, the number of councilors in MCD was 80. After this it increased to 134 and in 2007 this number reached 272. In the year 2011, when Sheila Dikshit was the Chief Minister of Delhi, the Municipal Corporation was divided into three parts North Delhi, South Delhi and East Delhi Municipal Corporation. During this, elections were held on 64 wards in North Delhi Municipal Corporation and South Delhi Municipal Corporation and 64 wards in East Delhi Municipal Corporation and Mayors were elected separately in all three places. After about 11 years, again the MCD was reunited in the Modi government. For this, when the bill was passed, it was mentioned that the number of wards would not exceed 250. The dates for the MCD elections have now been announced and the elections for 250 seats will be held on December 4.

What is the responsibility of MCD?
MCD has the responsibility of maintaining street lights, primary school, property and professional tax collection, toll tax collection system, cremation and birth and death certificates, dispensaries, drainage system, markets. Many such works are done through MCD which is very important for the vote bank of all the parties in the long run. From road construction to school and tax collection is a big source of income. The budget of Delhi MCD is more than 15 thousand crores. Many development works are carried out through this big budget. In such a situation, all the parties have the desire to capture the MCD with such a big budget.

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MCD also gets budget for expenditure from Delhi government. The powers of Delhi Government and Municipal Corporation are different but many are similar. The road is built by both the MCD and the Delhi government. On the one hand, where the road less than 60 feet wide is with the MCD, while the road wider than this is with the Delhi government. Both the schools are with the primary MCD while the higher school is with the Delhi government. While MCD has many dispensaries, the responsibility of big hospitals lies with the Delhi government.

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House, a tax for the license

Now the Municipal Corporation of Delhi will have only one headquarter. The Municipal Corporation will have only one house instead of three. One mayor, one standing committee. Apart from this, now there will be only one policy for house tax, license etc. Till now all the three corporations used to fix the last date for depositing house tax separately, but now there will be uniformity in this matter all over Delhi. The problem till now was that the income of the three corporations was not the same. Earlier the income of Southern Municipal Corporation was good while the income of other two corporations was less. There was also a problem due to lack of balance in income. Now the three corporations being one will bring income at one place and the additional expenditure which was being incurred due to having three corporations will also be reduced. This is expected to improve the financial position of the Corporation.



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