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‘What kind of respect did Nitish give, just gave jhunjhuna and lollipop’… Upendra Kushwaha said counter attack

Bihar Politics: Upendra Kushwaha has now launched a retaliatory attack on Nitish Kumar’s statement of respect. Kushwaha said that by making him the chairman of the parliamentary board, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar gave him a tingle. He cannot nominate even one member on this post.

Patna: Upendra Kushwaha launched a scathing attack on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday. Upendra Kushwaha said that ‘Nitish Kumar said that I was given respect, I was definitely made the chairman of the parliamentary board. When I was made, I used to feel that the thinking behind which I was made the Chairman of the Parliamentary Board in the party was kind of tingling. Earlier the party did not have a parliamentary board president. Later, the constitution of JDU was amended that the chairman of the parliamentary board would be nominated by the national president of the party. It is incomprehensible that the nomination of the members of the Parliamentary Board will also be done by the National President and not the Parliamentary Board President. Means we cannot choose the member even after being the chairman of the parliamentary board.

I was given a rattle – Upendra Kushwaha

Upendra Kushwaha clearly said that ‘such a constitution was made in the party in which the chairman of the parliamentary board is only a nominal post. The Board President cannot nominate even one member on this post. In such a situation, by giving me this post, I was given a tingle. I was made the chairman of the Parliament Board but I was not given any authority. Upendra Kushwaha is not doing any government job, Upendra Kushwaha is doing politics. Becoming an MLC is not a government job for anyone. If I can leave the post of Union Minister, then I can also leave the post of MLC.
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Nitish does not trust the backward – Kushwaha

Upendra Kushwaha did not stop here. He alleged that ‘Chief Minister Nitish Kumar does not have faith in the people of extremely backward society, so bring only one person on whom he has faith and give him the membership of Rajya Sabha. This will benefit them. But once upon a time the attraction for the most backward society in the party is decreasing now.
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Kushwaha told – what is needed in the share

While speaking, Upendra Kushwaha further told what he wanted in the share. Kushwaha said that ‘ I will tell you the meaning of the part. The share which Lalu ji had never given to Nitish ji. The stake that Nitish Kumar talked about in a rally held at Gandhi Maidan in Patna on 12 February in 1994. Upendra Kushwaha is demanding the same share which he had asked from Lalu Prasad Yadav. I will not go without taking that part.

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