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What percentage of people chose NOTA in four states? Most used in Chhattisgarh

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When election results are declared, there is discussion about what percentage of people chose ‘NOTA’ i.e. ‘None of the Above’ option. The figures of the four states where votes were counted on Sunday have also been revealed. In three of these states, less than one percent voters have opted for ‘NOTA’. This information was received from the Election Commission website.

In which state, what percentage of people pressed ‘NOTA’?

Assembly elections have been conducted in five states. Counting of votes in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Telangana took place on Sunday, while counting of votes in Mizoram will take place on Monday. Out of 77.15 percent voting in Madhya Pradesh, 0.98 percent voters chose the option of ‘NOTA’. In neighboring state Chhattisgarh, 1.26 percent voters pressed ‘NOTA’ button on EVM. In Telangana, 0.73 percent voters opted for ‘NOTA’. There was 71.14 percent voting in the state. Similarly, in Rajasthan, 0.96 percent voters chose the option of ‘NOTA’. 74.62 percent voting took place in the state.

Is Pradeep Gupta worried about ‘NOTA’ option?

Talking about the ‘NOTA’ option, Pradeep Gupta of ‘Consumer Data Intelligence Company’ Axis My India said that ‘NOTA’ was used from .01 per cent to a maximum of two per cent. He said that if something new is started, its efficacy depends on its outcome. He said, “I had written a letter to the government that if NOTA is to be made truly effective, then NOTA should be declared the winner if the maximum number of people press the NOTA button.”

‘NOTA’ option was started in 2013

Pradeep Gupta was referring to the ‘first-past-the-post’ principle adopted in India, in which the candidate receiving the most votes is declared the winner. He also said that candidates who have been rejected by the public should not be allowed to contest elections in a situation where ‘NOTA’ gets more votes than other candidates. He said, “If this happens then people will be able to use the NOTA option properly. Otherwise it is just a formality.” The option of ‘NOTA’ was introduced in 2013.

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