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What things have been recovered by the police so far in the Parliament security case, see the list here

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Police recovered these items from the House in Parliament security lapse case

New Delhi: All the accused have been arrested so far in the Parliament security lapse case. The mastermind of this case, Lalit Jha, has also been arrested by the police. Let us tell you that many information is now coming to light in this matter. After this incident, Sagar and Manoranj’s shoes, Aadhar card, two yellow smoke color canisters, Lok Sabha pass, light khaki colored socks, Jai Hind and two pamphlets related to Manipur case, used in the crime, were recovered from inside the Parliament. The clothes and purses of the accused have been recovered from inside the house.

Revelation of the woman who reached the special cell office

Apart from this, the police has also got some information about mobile phones through Lalit, on which raids are going on. In this case, a woman named Kalpana reached the office of Special Cell. He said that these people had met me one and a half years ago. Lalit Jha was also among them, he told his plan during this time. He also talked about entering Parliament. The woman said that on this I said that this path is wrong, I am not associated with them, their path is wrong but the demand is right. He wanted to do something different, who is raising the issue of unemployment now?

Mahesh Kumawat is also an accused

Let us tell you that Neelam, accused in the Parliament security lapse case, has been given medical treatment at Safdarjung Hospital. After this, the Special Cell team took him back to the office of AFC Special Cell. Special Cell says that some ground paperwork is left, after which Neelam will be taken to Jind. After the accused Neelam gets her medical done in Safdarjung, Neelam will be taken to Jind. The Instagram account of Mahesh Kumawat, close to mastermind Lalit Jha, has been decoded. A big revelation has come from this Instagram account. According to the information, Hamesh Kumawat had helped Lalit Jha to hide during his escape. Mahesh Kumawat was also a big part of the conspiracy to break into the Parliament.

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