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When Jamshedpur was battling mafia terror, Irani had played such a bet, peace came in Steel City

Jamshedpur : Jamshed J., the former Managing Director of Tata Steel and known as the ‘Steel Man’ of India. Irani (Jamshedpur J Irani Death) is no more in this world. He died in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand late on Monday night. He was 85 years old. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2007 for his significant contribution to the steel sector. Ajay Kumar, former MP and IPS officer of Jamshedpur, has reacted on his death. He mentioned the important steps taken during JJ Irani’s tenure as the Managing Director of Tata Steel. Due to which Ajay Kumar got posting in Jamshedpur district as an IPS officer 28 years ago.

Ajay Kumar mentioned the incident of 28 years ago
An article written by Ajay Kumar in Mint newspaper has mentioned the developments that happened twenty-eight years ago. He told that the matter is from when Jamshedpur was part of Bihar and was battling the fear of mafia. At that time JJ Irani, the then Managing Director of Tata Steel, took a big decision. He appealed to the Bihar government to post such an officer who can deal with the problem of mafia in the steel city. Ajay Kumar said that fortunately at that time I got the opportunity to serve my city and interact and work closely with JJ Irani.

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How JJ Irani took a big step regarding Jamshedpur
According to Ajay Kumar, then I did not know much about JJ Irani. However, this was the first time that Irani’s actions had a significant impact on my life. Although it was hardly the last. During my tenure as Superintendent of Police (SP) in Jamshedpur, I found his support on many fronts. He was very generous with his time and resources, because he loved his district so much.

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Jamshedpur became such a quiet city due to the terror of mafia
Ajay Kumar said that from allotment of company quarters to Town Out-Post (TOPS), assisting in installation of traffic lights at every junction. On every demand made from my side, he would say ‘Ok Ajay’. That was his specialty that I still remember. JJ Irani’s aim was to make Jamshedpur safe and he supported me and the entire administration in ensuring this.

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JJ Irani’s influence is clearly visible in Jamshedpur
Ajay Kumar told that in this way I am very happy that my colleagues and I then managed to transform Jamshedpur from ‘City of Crime’ to ‘City of Bliss and Peace’. Irani’s efforts and contribution also played a big role in this. Their influence can be seen all over Jamshedpur, be it roads, sports facilities, hospitals, schools, or bridges.

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Ajay Kumar shared his experience
Ajay Kumar told that in later times I had the privilege of working with Irani in Tata Steel. The organization which gave him the platform to earn the nickname of Steel Man of India. During my time with Tata, I remember his continued support in helping me keep pace with the corporate world. After the death of Rustomji Homasji Modi, Tata Steel needed someone who could handle the challenges of Tata Steel including the changing global scenario and falling profits. However, under Irani’s leadership, Tata Steel proved successful in re-establishing itself with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Under his leadership, Tata Steel posted a 31 per cent increase in net profit despite dire conditions.

Former MP expressed condolences on the death of JJ Irani
The former MP said that apart from what I have mentioned briefly above, there was another special thing in JJ Irani, his integrity. On the passing away of JJ Irani, Ajay Kumar said that he was a person whom I always admired, but had the privilege of knowing him very closely over the last three decades. Now is the pain of the passing of an extraordinary master. Me and my family extend our deepest condolences to his wife Daisy Irani, their three children, Zubin, Nilofar and Tanaaz and their loved ones.



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