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When Muslims used to send letter after letter to RSS… Dr. Indresh narrated that story of the special campaign of the Sangh

New Delhi : The image of Hindu ideology, Hindutva emerges as soon as the name of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) comes up. Along with this, the perceptions related to the Muslims towards the Sangh are also mentioned. Regarding the current situation of the country, the contribution of the Sangh in the freedom struggle, the attitude of the Sangh towards the Muslims of the country, Dr. Indresh Kumar, a member of the National Executive of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a senior journalist Naresh Taneja Special conversation with During the interview, on the question of opposition from all kinds of misunderstandings, speculations and speculations in the minds of Congress and Muslims, senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar said that Congress is responsible for the partition of the country. Indresh Kumar said that if leaders like Netaji Subhash Chandrabose and Maharishi Arvind were chosen for talks with the British, the country would never have been divided. He said that Congress chose Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Its consequence was the brutal partition of India. Indresh referred to the tragedy and pain that followed the Partition.

The case against the union could not last in the court
The member of the National Executive of the Sangh said that after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, he was banned by blaming the Sangh. This was followed by inhuman and undemocratic behavior on the volunteers of the Sangh. He said that the Congress trial did not last even a day. Indresh Kumar said that the Sangh came out innocent after a one-and-a-half year ban. He said that since then Congress started lying and still tells lies. After independence, the Congress had started feeling that due to the fault of this partition, the people of the country would reject the Congress. The country will move towards Swaraj at a fast pace. So he wanted to redeem the cost of his efforts for independence.

There is no change in the stand of the Sangh, repent for your statement. RSS leader Indresh Kumar targeted the Congress
Sangh was involved in the freedom movement
Dr. Indresh said that the founder of the Sangh, Dr. Hedgewar also went to jail in the disobedience movement, Jungle Satyagraha. The volunteer was also involved in the freedom struggle. The Congress was well aware that the Sangh would give rise to a new political equation in the times to come. So he conspired with the forces playing on internal and foreign thought to defame and crush the Sangh. After this, by making such allegations, he tried to create fear in the mind of Muslim vote bank and Minorotti that the Sangh will eat you and only we Congress people can save them. In this way a conspiracy was hatched to make the Muslims political captives. In this way, by banning the Sangh, it also worked to defame the nationality. It is clearly visible, therefore, conspiracy and politics perpetrated.

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Giving place to all religions, given respect
On the question of Sangh’s Pro Hindu Mindset, Dr. Indresh said that those who say that we are Hindu support or against anyone, is a notorious theory. He said that Hind, Hindu and Hindutva are characterized by the fact that all the sects, creeds are born in India in the world, if any earth accepted, any society and ideology gave the same, it was Hind, Hindu and Hindutva. . Dr. Indresh said that when the Bible came to India, the Quran came, even then India respected him. He said that the countries of the world know this. Dr. Indresh raised the question that the Christian and Islamic countries of the world gave place to Hindu, Sikh or other religions, allowed them to be implemented, did not allow them to happen. He said that the King-Maharaja and the people of our country accepted and respected all these people.

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Interaction with lakhs of Muslims in 15 years
Dr. Indresh said that the countries of the world know that Hind, Hindu and Hindutva is neither phobia nor communalism, neither this bigotry nor it is an attack on anyone. He said that having Hindu support is opposed to someone, then those who think like this have a disorder in their mind and those people should remove it. He said it was a deliberate illusion created. Dr. Indresh accused the Congress of linking terrorism with religion. He said Congress has linked terrorism with saffron. On the question of distance from RSS regarding Hindutva in the mind of Muslims, he said that it is their ignorance. He said that during 15 years there has been dialogue with lakhs of Muslims from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to Goa, Gujarat to Assam, Manipur. India and the world know this very well.

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Radical leaders tricked Muslims
Referring to the reason for communicating with Muslims, Dr. Indresh said that 20-25 years ago Sudarshan ji used to get letters on letters from Muslims. In the letter, the speech of politicians was said to be confused by the speech of religious fundamentalist leaders and because of its misinterpretation in the media. He wanted to have a direct dialogue with the RSS. They wanted to know Hinduism and Hindutva. So this flow has been increasing continuously in 20-25 years. Due to this, those doing vote bank politics are worried. The results of this are beginning to be visible at a rapid pace. I don’t think he ever went on to understand. The religious leaders did not let them understand. He said that it has been 8 years since there were allegations in the power of the country.



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