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When Sushil Modi said on Nitish Kumar’s slipping base, Lalan Singh got furious, said- keep it up


Sushil Modi and Lalan Singh on the support of Nitish Kumar
Sushil Modi said- Nitish Kumar has lost the ability to transfer votes.
Lalan Singh’s Patalwar- BJP-free India will start in 2024.

Patna, Regarding the political significance of the Gopalganj and Mokama by-election results, the political parties of Bihar are trying to make claims and counter-claims. A day before, former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and BJP MP Sushil Kumar Modi had released a video saying that the campaign of opposition unity has gone haywire. Nitish Kumar’s ability to transfer votes has ended and his vote is now with the BJP. Now JDU’s National President Lalan Singh has retaliated strongly on this.

While Lalan Singh kept the BJP on one side on his target, on the other hand Sushil Modi also took a sharp taunt. Lalan Singh wrote in the tweet, Sushil ji, whether the campaign of opposition unity will fizzle out or BJP-free India will start in 2024, only time will tell. Coming from 36752 to 1794, you still see the mass base. Wow brother! Lalan Singh further said, it is the nature of the party to tell a lie a hundred times. You are a victim of this nature. Keep it up

Screen shot of Lalan Singh’s tweet.

Let us tell you that speculations are being made in Bihar that Bihar CM Nitish Kumar will soon travel to do politics at the center and will hand over the power of Bihar to Tejashwi Yadav. Although, what is the reality in this, only JDU can tell, but any such thing being said by BJP is taunted by JDU. When Sushil Modi commented on JDU and Nitish Kumar after the by-election results, Lalan Singh did not delay in answering it.

In fact, the opposition is campaigning for unity against the BJP and they are trying to unite the opposition parties. On this, Sushil Modi took a jibe at CM Nitish Kumar along with opposition unity. He also raised questions about Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao. Sushil Modi and Lalan Singh often come face to face with such things.

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