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When the schoolgirl talked about sanitary napkins, the female officer got uprooted

Bihar News: A schoolgirl in Bihar asked a simple question to IAS Harjot Kaur, she asked that when the government gives bicycles, clothes, we girls “can the government give sanitary pads worth 20-30 rupees?” On his question, Harjot Kaur said, “Today you are saying that the government should give sanitary napkins, then tomorrow you will say that the government can also give jeans and after that why can’t it give some beautiful shoes?” IAS officer Harjot Kaur further said, “You will eventually hope that the government will give you family planning methods, condoms too.”

She was upset after hearing the questions of the girls.

Harjot Kaura, who heads the state’s Women and Child Development Corporation, in partnership with UNICEF and other organisations, attended a function held on Tuesday. The theme of the function was ‘Strong Daughters, Prosperous Bihar’, in this workshop, Harjot Kaur got uprooted after hearing questions from girls living in slums. When a student reminded him that the government is formed only by our votes, the officer said- “This is the height of stupidity. Don’t vote, be Pakistan. Do you vote for money and services from the government?” To this the student retorted: “I am an Indian, why should I become Pakistan?”

Why do you need to take money from the government?

He asked the girls “Why do you need to take anything from the government? This way of thinking is wrong. Think of doing something by yourself, learn how to earn some money from yourself, be self-supporting.” Let us inform that in this workshop, girls of class 9 and 10 studying in government schools were involved.

ias officer gave strange answer

When a student said that the girls’ toilet in her school was broken and the boys often broke in, the officer replied, “Tell me, do you have separate toilets in your house? If you asked for a lot of things in different places If so, how will it work?”

Harjot Kaur said to the girls “You have to decide where you want to see yourself in future. Government cannot decide that. Do you want to sit where you are or do you want to sit on the side where I am sitting today ?”

This is malicious and misreporting

When she was shown the video she alleged, “I am known as one of the most outspoken champions of women’s rights and empowerment. Some mischievous elements, against whom strict action has been taken by WCDC for lapses and wrongdoing , having lost on every platform, are now conspiring to tarnish my reputation by resorting to such attempts.”

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