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When will the bullet train run in the country? After all, why is there delay, know everything

Bullet Train Project: The bullet train in the country was to run in 2023, but due to the non-completion of land acquisition in Maharashtra, the time taken for this scheme has increased. According to Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, in 2026, the trial of bullet train will be done only in a distance of 48 km.

At present, the Railway Minister does not even have the answer for when the bullet train will start running for the passengers. When ABP News asked this question to the Railway Minister, he could not give any direct answer to it. Bullet train hangs in Maharashtra due to non-completion of land acquisition work. So far only 20 percent of the land has been acquired in Maharashtra. According to railway sources, the Maharashtra government is not showing any interest in acquiring land for the bullet train.

Land acquisition has not been done in Maharashtra
According to officials, the leaders of Maharashtra feel that the bullet train will not bring any significant benefit to the state. On the contrary, due to convenience in traffic, the risk of Mumbai’s business shifting to Surat and Ahmedabad will increase. This is the reason why even the leaders of Maharashtra BJP have been avoiding making any statement regarding the bullet train. Maharashtra BJP leaders have also not raised the issue of land acquisition for the bullet train.

In Palghar, Maharashtra, the maximum land is to be acquired for the bullet train. Railways intends to work in the bullet train project from Ahmedabad to Navsari till the land acquisition work is not completed in Maharashtra. 91% of the bullet train is elevated. Some part of it has been made ready. In the remaining part, the bullet train will run 7 km under the sea and 4 km under the land. The total length of the tunnel going under the sea is 21 km in which this bullet train will pass.

What is the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project?
The government is working on the project of bullet train totaling 508 km from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. In 2026, trial of bullet train is proposed between Surat to Navsari. There will be a total of 12 stations in this project. Out of these, 8 stations will be in Gujarat and 4 stations will be in Maharashtra. A total of 352 km bullet train will be run in Gujarat from Sabarmati to Vapi. Pillars of bullet train have been installed in 61 kms of this section and work is going on on 170 kms.

When the team of ABP News reached the high speed rail site of NHSRCL located in Surat to see the ground condition of the bullet train, this work was visible there.

1. Surat station of bullet train will be ready in 2024. This will be the first station to be built in this project.

2. Elevated path bridge of bullet train is being made of two types of girder. A small span and a large span. A large number of small spans are ready at a site in Surat and new consignments are being made daily. They are being installed in the elevated bridge of the bullet train.

3. A big part of 320 meters of the elevated bridge being built with a girder of 40-40 meters is ready. In this work is progressing 40 meters every day. At the time of writing this report, this bridge has crossed a distance of 500 meters.

4. Out of the total 25 sites of the bullet train, the work of 8 sites has started. The bullet train will pass 45 feet below the sea, which will be from Mumbai’s Vikhroli to Silpata.

How many kilometers will the train run under the sea?
There will be a tunnel from BKC to Silpata, while from Vikhroli to Ghansoli, a bullet train will cover a distance of about 7 kilometers under the sea. After coming out of Mumbai’s Silpata, the bullet train will come again on the elevated track. About 1 lakh 8 thousand crores is to be spent on the bullet train project of 508 km from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. This is the estimated cost. Due to the delay in this project, its cost has now increased significantly.

The land acquisition in Gujarat for the bullet train project is almost complete, but the big challenge lies in Maharashtra. Where land acquisition has not yet been done for the Bullet Train Elevated Corridor. It is clear that this part of the bullet train has become a victim of politics. Finding the cost of bullet train can be a big challenge. The Railway Minister said that the fare of bullet train will be kept less than the flight. In such a situation, it may take a long time to recover the cost, about which questions arise.

On the other hand, the reality is that according to the rules, the fare of bullet train will be one and a half times more than AC-1. That is, this fare can be equal to or more than the air fare. Apart from this, due to good road connectivity between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, the occupancy of trains on this route is also not full.

Bullet train was to run on 15 August 2022
The bullet train project was started in 2017. The bullet train was to run on the track on 15 August 22 but its deadline was increased to 15 August 23 and after that no deadline has been given till date. It is expected from the Railways that it will be completed by 2028, but experts believe that it may take much more time to run the bullet train only in Gujarat.

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has announced that the first trial of bullet train will be done in 2026. This trial will be of only 48 kms. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said in a special conversation with ABP News that politics should not be done on bullet train. However, we will win in both the election and the bullet train. The Railway Minister had launched the 320-metre stretch of the elevated bridge of the bullet train earlier this month. The tracks will soon be installed on the flat land above this elevated bridge, about 50 feet high and 12.5 meters wide.

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