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‘Whether Rahul Gandhi is Congress President or not, he will have a ‘special place’ in the party: P Chidambaram

Congress President: Senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram has unanimously supported Rahul Gandhi for the post of President of All India Congress Committee (AICC). He has said that whether Rahul Gandhi is the party president or not, he will always have a “special place” in the party, as he has “acceptance” among the common workers of the party.

Former Union minister Chidambaram, days before the notification for the election of AICC chief, said that so far Rahul Gandhi has refused to take the responsibility of the party’s president, but he is expected to change his mind. There is no possibility of any controversy over the fairness and transparency of the election of the party president.

Madhusudan’s late statement

He said that if the Chairman of the Central Election Authority Madhusudan Mistry had made a statement on the very first day on the concerns of some leaders, then the matter would have been resolved only then. He said that no party publishes the list of the electoral college. The State Congress Committee (PCC)-wise voter list will be available for inspection at the office of the concerned PCC, while the All India Voter List will be available for inspection at the office of AICC.

Candidate eligible to get voter list

Chidambaram said, “Every candidate who makes nomination will be entitled to get a copy of the voter list. Mistry himself has made the clear points more clear and the MPs have said that they are satisfied. The matter has been settled.”

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