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Who is Prajwal Pandey, who became the charioteer of British PM Rishi Sunak? Know everything about this young man of Bihar

Report – Ankit Kumar Singh

Siwan. Jiradei, a small town in Bihar, was known for the first President of India, Rajendra Prasad (Dr. Rajendra Prasad), now it is also known around the world because the newly elected British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was given this title. The person who reached the milestone is also from this town. Prajwal Pandey, he is a Bihari, who has played a big role behind becoming the PM of an Indian-origin leader for the first time in Britain. Lal Prajwal of Siwan was actually the star campaigner of Sunak’s core campaign committee. From social media to other platforms, Prajwal did publicity.

Prajwal has a family relationship with Rishi Sunak. Coming and going of both together happens mostly. After this achievement, the relatives of Prajwal’s Siwan and Jamapur even say that they want to see Prajwal as the British Prime Minister next time because he has that ability. Actually Prajwal’s ancestral village is in Jamapur of Siwan. His father Rajesh Kumar Pandey had come to Jiradei to visit five days ago. After meeting the neighbors here, he returned to Britain. Earlier, Prajwal had come to Jamapur in the year 2019. Know all the interesting information related to Prajwal.

How was Sunak’s core companion Prajwal?

When Sunak started his election campaign in August 2022 for the election of British Prime Minister, Prajwal was included in the main campaign team. As a strategist, Prajwal worked tirelessly in electoral management. But Sunak could not become PM at that time. Then after the resignation of former PM Lise Tress, the entire team including Prajwal is quite satisfied with Sunak becoming the Prime Minister. Prajwal says that we were disappointed when Sunak could not become the Prime Minister at that time because we had worked hard.

Joined the Conservative Party at the age of 16

Prajwal’s uncle Amit Pandey told that Prajwal was brilliant since childhood. Studying at Britain’s prestigious King Edward Six Grammar School, Chelmsford. He told that Prajwal was the winner of such a contest in the Harvard International Economic in 2021. He won the UK Youth Parliament in 2019 by a record vote. Prajwal joined the Conservative Party of Britain at the age of 16. 19-year-old Prajwal’s sister Pranjal Pandey is currently pursuing MBBS from Cambridge.

Prajwal is very fond of Jiradei

Prajwal’s ancestral village is in Jamapur village of Siwan district. Although his grandfather Vagish Dutt Pandey had moved to Sindri in Jharkhand with the family about 50 years ago. He is retired from PDIL while his father Rajesh Pandey is a software engineer and mother Manisha Pandey is a teacher, both are living in UK. His uncle Amit lives in Bangalore. The rest of Prajwal’s family lives in Sindri, Jharkhand. Here are his grandparents and other family members. Although his family keeps coming to Jamapur in Jiradei every two to four years. Prajwal may live in Britain, but he has a lot of attachment to Jamapur.

Village wants ‘Prajwal to become British PM’

Vineet Kumar, a resident of Lebhari of Marwa in Siwan district, seems to be the brother-in-law of Prajwal. Vineet is actually Amit Pandey’s son-in-law. Vineet said during a conversation with News18 that they are very happy. Prajwal has achieved great fame at a young age and has brought laurels to India. He said, ‘We want to see Prajwal as the British Prime Minister because he has the ability.’ He told that Prajwal was born in Bangalore because then his parents lived in Bangalore only. They had gone to Britain a few days after the birth of Prajwal.

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