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Who were the two people who jumped? Name revealed, know which city he hails from

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The two accused who entered the Lok Sabha were identified

The winter session of Parliament is going on. During this time, there was a stir in the Parliament when two unknown persons broke the security cordon and entered the Lok Sabha. Seeing the two unknown youths, Parliament security personnel immediately came into action and caught both of them. The names of both have also been revealed. The name of one of the accused who entered the Lok Sabha is Manoranjan and the name of the other is Sagar Sharma. Manoranjan is a resident of Mysore.

What did Manoranjan’s father say?

Manoranjan’s father said, “My son is straightforward and honest. Follows the principles of Swami Vivekananda. Always ready to serve the society. Wants to do something good for the society. Always reads Swami Vivekananda’s book. “I didn’t expect him to do that after reading books.” He said, “I don’t know what happened there, Manoranjan is my son. We come from a farmer family and live in Pratap Simha’s parliamentary constituency. My son is a good boy. We have taught him well. Now I have no knowledge of what he does. What happened today is undeniable. Whether my son did it or anyone did it, it should not have happened.”

Two accused arrested from outside Parliament

At the same time, Amol and Neelam were arrested from outside the Parliament and were brought to Sansad Marg police station. The arrest was made under violation of section 144. Currently some more sections can be added during investigation. Delhi Police has contacted Haryana and Maharashtra Police regarding Amol and Neelam. Information about travel history of both was sought. Reports on the family status and criminal background of both were sought from the police of both the states. The belongings of Neelam and Amol were sealed and sent for forensic examination. Delhi Police Commissioner has reached Parliament House to investigate the matter.

recovered from near the sea

Image Source : INDIATV

recovered from near the sea

Pratap Simha’s name surfaced

Information has come to light that the MP on whose possession one of the accused entered the Parliament is Pratap Simha. He is a leader of BJP. The pass was made on the reference of MP Pratap Simha. The name of the MP is written below the pass. Pratap Simha is an MP from Mysore, Karnataka. He has reached Parliament for the second time. The name of the accused is Sagar.

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