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Who will bear the expenses of the house? There was a fight between Shraddha and Aftab on the day of the murder.

Shraddha Murder Case: The Delhi Police team probing the Shraddha murder case is now scanning all the CCTV cameras around Aftab’s house to solve this sensational murder case and is also mapping the CCTVs of the entire Chhatarpur area so that they can trace the details of the incident. Can connect wire.

According to the police, this murder took place 6 months ago. According to police sources, it is difficult to get 6-month-old footage of the incident. Because most of the backup in CCTV is only for 15 days. But despite this, the police is still trying if in some way the old footage can be extracted.

Where did the investigation reach?
Apart from this, the police have also got some CCTV pictures of the recent days in which Aftab is visible. On the basis of these footage, the police is trying to know when Aftab used to leave and where he used to go and with whom he used to meet? Apart from this, sources said that Aftab had done his lost job in a call center in Gurugram, where he did not go for 6-7 days, due to which he was fired.

If police sources are to be believed, Aftab’s family is in touch with Delhi Police and he has not disappeared anywhere and he can be called for questioning if needed.

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Shraddha’s remains will be investigated
Police sources said that the DNA sample of Shraddha’s father has been taken. About 10 to 13 bones have been recovered by the police from Mehrauli forest and they have been sent to the forensic lab. The DNA of these bones will be matched with the DNA of Shraddha’s father. At the moment it is not clear whether these bones belong to an animal or a human being, it is being investigated.

According to the police, there was no quarrel between the two for the first time on May 18. Aftab and Shraddha were having a fight for three years and many times they had planned to breakup. Had a breakup once. But later, after getting well, they started living together.

Who will bear the cost?
According to the police, on May 18, there was a fight between the two over bringing household items. Both used to say to each other who would bear the expenses of the house and who would bring the goods, Aftab got very angry on this. Police says that he told this during interrogation whether it is true or not is a matter of investigation. The quarrels started from the evening of 18 May and between 8 pm and 10 pm, Aftab strangled Shraddha to death. Kept the body in the room overnight and went to buy a knife and freeze the next day.

What evidence is the police collecting?
The Delhi Police may be claiming to have solved the case, but in order to punish Aftab, the police still have to recover the weapon used in the murder. Shraddha’s mobile has to be recovered. Shraddha’s head has not been recovered. To recover the clothes worn by Aftab and Shraddha on the day of their murder. Aftab had thrown these clothes in a garbage moving vehicle.
The police have recovered a bag of Shraddha from Aftab’s house, while the same bag has to be recovered from Shraddha’s family.

Police had transferred the case on the basis of suspicion
According to the police, Aftab had gone to the Mumbai Police in September. There he told the police that Shraddha had left after quarreling with him and came back again to collect the goods, but the Mumbai Police got suspicious, without which they contacted DCP South and transferred the case to Mehrauli police station.

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