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Who will get how many seats in Gujarat-Himachal, know exit poll results in one click

Gujarat-Himachal Exit Polls Results 2022: The counting of votes for the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assembly elections will take place on Thursday (December 8). The ruling BJP in Gujarat will be eyeing a new record. A victory in Gujarat would make it the only party other than the Communist Party of India (Marxist) to have won seven consecutive assembly elections. The CPI (M), which ruled West Bengal for 34 years from 1977 to 2011, also won seven consecutive elections.

On the other hand, since 1985 in Himachal Pradesh, no party has won two consecutive assembly elections. If the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) remains in power in the hill state, it will be another record. However, the biggest wish of the BJP is to see the exit poll predictions come true. Under this, while retaining power in Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat has to register its best performance so far. The BJP’s previous best performance in Gujarat was in 2002, when it won 127 seats in the 182-member assembly.

This time, in the predictions of exit polls, it has been said that the party will get between 117 and 151 seats. If the results come in line with the average of these predictions, then the BJP will destroy its own record of 2002.

Gujarat exit poll of polls

News Reels

abp-c voter exit poll
In Gujarat, BJP is getting 128 to 140 seats, Congress 31 to 43 and AAP 3 to 11 seats.

Aaj Tak – Axis My India
BJP is expected to get 129 to 151 seats, Congress 16 to 30, Aam Aadmi Party 9 to 21 seats in the state.

india tv exit poll
BJP is expected to get 112 to 121 seats, Congress 51 to 61, AAP 4 to 7 seats.

News 24-Today Chanakya
BJP has 150 seats in Gujarat, Congress 19 and AAP 11.

Republic TV-P Mark
128 to 148 seats for BJP, 30 to 42 for Congress, 2 to 10 seats for AAP.

Times Now ETG
BJP 135 to 145, Congress 24 to 34, AAP 6 to 16.

Himachal exit poll of polls
abp c voter
BJP seems to get 33 to 41 seats, Congress 24 to 32 and AAP zero seats.

Aaj Tak Axis My India
According to Aaj Tak Axis My India, BJP is getting 24 to 36 seats, Congress 30 to 40 and AAP zero seats.

india tv-matters exit polls
BJP will get 35 to 40 seats, Congress 26 to 31 and AAP will get zero seats.

News 24-Today Chanakya
Congress and BJP are expected to get 33-33 seats, AAP is getting zero seats here too.

News X-Jan Ki Baat
BJP is getting 32 to 40 seats, Congress 27 to 34, Aam Aadmi Party is getting zero seats.

Republic TV-P Mark
BJP is getting 34 to 39, Congress 28 to 33, AAP is getting zero to one seat.

Times Now ETG
In the exit poll, BJP is seen getting 34 to 42 seats, Congress 24 to 32 and AAP zero.

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