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Why are girls getting married before 21 years in Bengal-Jharkhand? Big disclosure in the study

Kolkata/Ranchi. According to a study conducted by the central government, more than half of the women in Jharkhand and West Bengal get married before the age of 21. According to experts, the root cause of this is that permanent job opportunities for young women are also limited. Experts said that it is also clear from the findings that the benefits of government schemes are not reaching the desired section of the population. However, some experts have expressed doubts about the authenticity of these figures as the survey was conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report of this study was published last month.

According to the study, Jharkhand and West Bengal are the two states in the country where more than half of the women are married before the age of 21. In West Bengal, where 54.9 percent of girls are married before the age of 21, in Jharkhand this figure is 54.6 percent, as against the national average of 29.5 percent.

Family has no option but to get married: Deepika Pandey Singh

Deepika Pandey Singh, who campaigns against child marriage in Jharkhand, says that women, especially in rural areas, have to face a lot of problems. They do not get permanent employment and then their parents are left with only one option – to get them married. He said that early marriage is prevalent in Jharkhand among all sections of the society – tribal, Hindu, minority, educated, uneducated, rich or poor, which requires constant efforts to create awareness.

Sukanya Sarbadhikari, Professor of Sociology at Presidency University, Kolkata, says that ‘due to the limited opportunities of permanent job for a girl in rural areas, she and her parents are looking for the option of marrying her as they want to marry her. Can’t wait for long to become financially independent. He said that since some parts of West Bengal are adjoining Jharkhand, the situation may be similar in those areas on this issue.

Not getting benefits of government schemes

Jharkhand This tells a lot about the one-sided development in these states, says Alok K Gupta, associate professor and dean in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Central University. This shows that there is some section of the population, which is still away from the benefits of state and central government policies. He said institutional failures are evident at various levels of policy making and implementation.

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Professor Gupta said, “This shows that even after 75 years of independence, our policy interventions towards women empowerment and laws prohibiting child marriage, increasing the enrollment ratio of girls in educational institutions have not worked that way. as they should have done.

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