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Why are students afraid of going to this school after the Odisha train accident?

New Delhi. Students of Bahanaga High School in Odisha are scared to return to their classes. Dead bodies were kept in this school after the train accident. On June 2, 288 passengers were killed in a train accident in Balasore, Odisha. Immediately after the accident, bodies wrapped in shroud were kept in this 65-year-old school building. Students are now shying away from coming to this school and the School Management Committee (SMC) has urged the state government to demolish the building as it is very old. The principal of Bahnaga High School admitted, “The students are scared. In view of this, a plan has been made to organize religious programs and worship here.

He said that some senior students of the school and NCC cadets also joined the rescue operation. Balasore District Magistrate Dattatraya Bhausaheb Shinde, who visited the school on Thursday on the instructions of the School and Mass Education Department, said, “I have met the school management committee members, the principal, other staff and the local people. They want to demolish the old building and repair it so that the children do not have any fear or apprehension in going to the classes.

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Children saw dead bodies kept in school on TV
A member of the SMC told the District Magistrate that after seeing the bodies lying in the school building on television channels, “the children are affected and are reluctant to come when the school reopens on June 16”. has been moved and the school premises have been cleaned but the students and parents are scared.

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Mother is not ready to send children to school
“It is difficult to forget that so many bodies were kept in our school building,” said a student. The SMC initially allowed only three classrooms to store the bodies. Later, the district administration used the school hall to keep the bodies for identification. Sujit Sahu, a parent, said, “Our children are refusing to go to school and their mothers are no longer willing to send them to educational institutions.”

District Education Officer spoke to the children
Some parents are also thinking of changing the educational institution instead of sending their children to Bahnaga Vidyalaya. Meanwhile, Balasore District Education Officer (DEO) Bishnu Charan Sutar held a meeting with SMC and alumni members on Wednesday to motivate students and parents not to promote any negative thoughts. He said, “We will ensure that no student leaves the school because of this.” The DEO said that the school and the local people have contributed a lot in the rescue and relief operation during the train accident. The District Magistrate said that he has asked the SMC to pass a resolution regarding their demand to demolish the building and submit it to the government.

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