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Why is Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Bastar a decisive attack on Naxalites?

Chhattisgarh: On March 25, Union Home Minister Amit Shah will encourage the CRPF jawans in Jagdalpur, a stronghold of Naxalites. The 84th Foundation Day of CRPF will be organized here where the Home Minister will also take stock of the anti-Naxal campaign. This is happening for the first time when the Home Minister of the country will spend the night in this Naxalite affected area and will participate in this important program of CRPF. With this visit of Home Minister Amit Shah, the countrymen will get a glimpse of those areas where Naxalites used to speak till a few months ago and these people had declared this area as an independent area. But now the influence of Naxalites has completely ended from these areas and due to the anti-Naxal operation being run on the initiative of Home Minister Amit Shah, roads are being built, industries are being set up, due to which the path of development is open here. .

Bastar region was once a stronghold of Naxalites, which had four main centers – Bijapur, Sukma, Dantewada and Bastar. Jagdalpur was the headquarters of this region. Dandakaranya Zonal Committee, the main committee of Naxalites was also active in this Bastar region and top leaders of Naxalites including Hidma are still present here. But as far as their influence is concerned, it seems to be ending completely in today’s date. The Karanpur CRPF Cobra Headquarters where Home Minister Amit Shah will address the jawans is a testimony to the fact that the country’s largest internal force has been able to establish its regional headquarters due to the sacrifices of our soldiers. Due to this, CRPF is also setting up its forward bases i.e. new camps in large numbers in the interior areas, where Naxalites used to run their activities prominently a few months ago. Talking about the last one and a half year, during this period CRPF has established its 18 forward bases where for the first time after independence any force of the country could enter.

data on naxal activities
Talking about the figures, a few months ago in the Rajya Sabha, the Ministry of Home Affairs gave an important answer on Naxal activities. According to which, since 2010, there has been a decrease of 77 percent in Naxal incidents. During this period, there has been a reduction of 85 percent in the damage done to the civilian and security forces. 12 years ago, more than 400 police stations were Naxal affected, now there are only 191 police stations which are Naxal affected. According to CRPF former DG Durga Prasad, in the last few years, the force has first won the trust of the local people, then the development work in the Naxal-affected areas has been given security, and anti-Naxal operations have been sharpened with modern weapons. Is.

The result of the campaign being run in Naxalite affected areas
It is the result of the campaign being run in Naxal-affected areas that for the first time in 4 decades, the number of deaths of civilians and security forces has remained less than 100 in 2022. Strategists associated with the anti-Naxal campaign believe that the Modi government has three main pillars in this regard – an equally strong attack on extremist violence and rein on it, better coordination between the center and the state and left-wing extremism through people’s participation through development ending support for In the last 9 years, the government has adopted the policy of zero tolerance in this direction. The number of civilian and security personnel who lost their lives in Left Wing Extremism incidents has decreased by 90% from the highest level of 1005 in 2010 to 98 in 2022, the number of Left Wing Extremism affected districts has decreased from 90 to 45.

The doors of Sharda temple open for devotees in Kupwara, Home Minister Amit Shah did the e-inauguration, Mehbooba Mufti was also happy

How did the security forces establish their influence in the Naxal-affected areas?
From the year 2019 till now, the security forces have got great success in breaking the backbone of Left Wing Extremism by setting up 175 new camps in Left Wing Extremism affected areas, reducing the security vacuum and neutralizing the top leadership. As a result of these efforts, success has been achieved against Left Wing Extremism in difficult areas like Budha Pahar and Chakarbanda and Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha have been almost freed from Left Wing Extremism. The BSF Airwing has been empowered to assist in operations in Left Wing Extremism-affected areas and to save lives of jawans, for which new pilots and engineers have been recruited in the last one year. The Ministry of Home Affairs is working to completely destroy the ecosystem of the Left Wing Extremists by financial choking them. It is clear that after these important steps, the presence of the Home Minister in this stronghold of Naxalites is an attempt to give the same message that Bastar is now becoming a model of development.

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