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Why is the meeting of the UNSC Counter Terrorism Committee held at Hotel Taj in Mumbai?

UNSC Counter-Terrorism Meeting: The counter-terrorism meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will be held in Mumbai and Delhi. The United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee will discuss ways to combat the use of the Internet, new online payment systems and drones by terrorist organizations in its upcoming conference in India. The first day’s conference will be held on 28 October at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, while the second day’s discussion will be held in New Delhi on 29 October.

The Taj Hotel in Mumbai is one of the sites of the 2008 terrorist attack. On why the committee decided to hold the meeting in Mumbai, Secretary (West) in the Ministry of External Affairs Sanjay Verma said that the UNSC-CTC is organizing this two-day counter-terrorism conference in India, starting from Mumbai on October 28. The city reflects ‘India’s best’ in terms of economic development in recent years, especially after what happened in 2008.

Tribute to the victims of 26/11 terror attack

Verma said what happened in Mumbai in 2008 was an attack on India’s identity in the financial and commercial sphere. Tributes will also be paid to the victims of 26/11 terror attack at Hotel Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai on October 28. During this, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar will be present. It will include 15 members of the United Nations Security Council and other representatives.

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At the same time, India’s ambassador to the United Nations and the chairperson of this UN committee, Ruchira Kamboj said that terrorism is one of the most serious threats to international peace and security. He said this in a press conference. Kamboj said the meeting will focus on tackling the use of internet by terrorists, new payment systems and drones.

Terrorism remains a threat – Kamboj

He said that in the last two decades, member countries have made concrete progress in combating terrorism. Nevertheless, terrorism remains a threat and has developed despite our best efforts. With the increasing proliferation of technology and rapid increase in digitization, the use of new and emerging technologies for terrorist purposes has become a matter of concern. Kamboj said that terrorism cannot be good or bad and those who talk like this have their own agenda. He said that terrorism cannot be justified in any way. Whether it is at some place and whoever is doing it.

Foreign ministers of many countries will be involved

Secretary (West) in the Ministry of External Affairs Verma said that UK Foreign Minister James Cleverly, Gabon’s Foreign Minister Michael Moola Adamo and foreign ministers from other countries will attend the UN Anti-Terrorism Committee conference in India. He told that after Mumbai, a meeting will be held in New Delhi on October 29 in which the agenda based on three points will be discussed. In this, discussions will be held on combating the exploitation of information and communication technology by terrorists, combating the misuse of Internet and new payment methods by terrorists and combating the use of unmanned vehicles including drones.

On this occasion, CTC Branch Head David Sacharia said that new and emerging technology has a lot of benefits and we have experienced it in the covid era, but if it goes into the hands of terrorists then it has a lot of adverse effects. He said that in such a situation, all the member countries felt that this is the time to take steps in this direction and all our efforts in this direction should be global.

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