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Why is there no crash testing of Rolls Royce cars? The reason is very interesting, after knowing you will also say…


People are also giving priority to the safety rating while buying a new car.
After crash testing of cars, safety rating is given up to 5 stars.
Global NCAP’s safety rating is accepted worldwide.

Due to the increasing number of road accidents across the world, the demand for more safe cars has also started increasing nowadays. Now people are also giving priority to the safety rating while buying a new car. There are many organizations around the world, which after crash testing the cars, give them safety ratings ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Of these, the safety rating of Global NCAP is recognized worldwide. This organization does crash testing of many car companies, but the world’s most expensive luxury car maker, Rolls Royce, does not do crash testing of cars.

Rolls-Royce car price starts from Rs.5 Crore. Anyone who has money around the world can buy them. Knowing this, you too must have been surprised for a moment that crash testing of all car companies is done all over the world, then why crash testing of Rolls Royce cars is not done. Please tell here that the reason behind not having crash testing is very interesting.

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What is crash test?
When any car company around the world makes a new car, first they do crash testing according to their safety. There are some non-profit organizations like Global NCAP, who test these cars separately. During testing, a car is crashed in every possible way. After this, these cars are given a star rating. You would never have seen crash testing of Rolls Royce cars, even if some videos were to be seen, they would be animated or fake.

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Why there is no crash testing
Rolls Royal makes its car in a customized way. After this the company keeps the complete data of the person buying it. And any testing agency needs 4 to 5 cars for crash test. Now the company does not provide cars to these institutions. They themselves have to buy and test new cars. In such a situation, the cost of Rolls Royce cars is very high. It is not possible to do crash test by buying these. Because after the crash test the car becomes unusable. This is the reason why Rolls-Royce cars do not undergo crash testing.

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