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Why is water offered to snake bites? Would not know the answer! Khan sir said – not poison, this is the reason for death

Snake is considered the most dangerous and poisonous animal among animals. On hearing the name of a snake, people get goosebumps and if snakes come in front of them, they lose their senses. We hear many times that snake bites people. He goes to the doctor. Doctors offer him a lot of water bottles. And in the end that person’s life is saved. You must be thinking, the snake injects poison, then how can anyone escape by offering a bottle of water. So Khan sir has given the answer. He told that it was not poison, it was actually the cause of death.

Khan sir told that whenever a poisonous snake bites someone, saliva comes out of his mouth like humans. This is the parotid gland (venom glands in snakes). In colloquial language, it is also called poison-gland. It is in the upper part of the teeth of snakes. As soon as a snake bites, as soon as its teeth fall on the human body, this gland goes and mixes in the blood. Then this poison starts spreading.

blood clots like curd
He told that snake’s poison either thickens your blood like curd or locks the brain. If it becomes thick then the blood itself will not go ahead. That’s why the person starts throwing gaz from his mouth. The body starts twitching. And death also happens within three hours. The one who thickens hemoglobin is called hemotoxic in the language of science. The one who destroys the brain ie neuron is called neuro toxic. Different poison is found in different snakes. Hemotoxic also gives a little time to survive, but neurotoxic kills a person as soon as it reaches the brain.

Saline water does not allow blood to clot
That is why doctors first offer saline water to the patient. It does not allow blood to clot because it dilutes the blood. Since most of the snake’s poison is hemotoxic, offering saline water gives some time. On the other hand, anti-venom injection also works and it becomes easy to save the patient.

humans are also becoming poisonous
However, in a study that came in the past, there has been a shocking revelation about poison in humans. It was reported in the American science journal Proceedings of the National Academy (PNAS) that there is a lot of similarity between the venom-gland inside the snake and the salivary glands inside us. It is such that even humans can be made poisonous like snakes if tried. Not only humans, but the salivary glands of rats can be poisonous.

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