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Why men do not use condoms in India, 4 out of every 10 women undergo sterilization!

‘There is no end to this demand. You can also give jeans-pants tomorrow. Why can’t you give beautiful shoes the day after tomorrow and finally when it comes to family planning, detention will also have to be given for free. This is to say of a senior IAS officer Harjot Kaur Bhamra. During a government program in Bihar’s capital Patna, this controversial statement of a senior IAS officer, given in response to the demand for sanitary pads of a schoolgirl, is being trolled fiercely on social media. 

On the one hand, where his indecent reaction has been taken seriously by CM Nitish Kumar and the National Commission for Women. On the other hand, MD Harjot Kaur Bhamra has issued a written statement saying that if the feelings of any girl or participant have been hurt by some of the words said by me in the program, then I express my regret for it. 

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Now meet the IAS of Nitish-Tejashwi Sarkar. Harjot Kaur will send daughters of Bihar to Pakistan on asking for sanitary napkins. pic.twitter.com/VjVv0EF0AP

— Dr. Amrita Rathod BJP (@AmritaRathodBJP) September 28, 2022

In the midst of this whole matter, the question arises that after all words like condom, sanitary pad are still seen as taboo, hesitation and curiosity for the society. What percentage of people in India, with a population of crores, use condoms. 

A report of the National Family Health Survey states that even today one in 10 men in India use condoms. The surprising thing is that according to the same report, about four out of 10 women undergo sterilization to avoid pregnancy. 

According to the report, the condition of cities in India is still better than villages. Condoms are used more in the city than in the rural parts. On the one hand, 7.6 percent of men in rural India use condoms while having sex. On the other hand, 13.6% of men in urban India use condoms, while 38.7 percent of women in rural India and 36.3 percent of women in urban India undergo sterilization.

Women’s death due to abortion 

While the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)’s World Population Report 2022 report revealed this It has come that every day in our country India, about 8 women die due to abortion. At the same time, 67 percent of women remain life-threatening in abortion.  

Family planning women’s responsibility 

National Family Health Survey The way in which the statistics of sterilization of more women than using condoms are visible in the report. It is clear from this that family planning in India is still a women’s responsibility mindset. which needs change. According to the NFHS-4 data, 40 percent of men think that it is a woman’s responsibility to avoid getting pregnant. 

As per an article published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research in 2014, condoms are less Reasons for use include lack of privacy in store at the time of purchase, lack of sexual satisfaction with condoms and husband having sex after drinking alcohol. 

Population Foundation in conversation with The Hindu newspaper Poonam Mutreja, Managing Director, Of ​​India says, “One of the main reasons why condom use is being reduced in the country is that family planning is considered the responsibility of women. For men, sex is a pleasure. For women, it’s often either about having a baby, or they’ve been in fear for months that they might get pregnant."

The share of vasectomy among family planning methods has always been low, she says, knowing that sterilizing men is easier, safer and faster than that of women. People believe that it can affect their virility and make them physically weak, making them unfit to work. These are myths and misconceptions that need to be dispelled

Priya (name changed) living in Delhi’s Mayur Vihar shares her experience while talking to ABP saying that our marriage took 1 year. But even today my husband does not use condom during sex. I was always afraid that I might get pregnant.

He said that the word ‘condom’ is seen as a hesitation between family and society, but it should not be so.  Unwanted pregnancy can also be avoided by its use. That’s why every man should use condoms.   

While 25-year-old Vivek says that we are too educated to say. But even today condoms are seen as taboos. Even today I hesitate to go to the chemist and buy it. People around start staring at you as if I have asked for drugs, not condoms. 

28-year-old Vaishali says that pads, condoms, all these things should be talked about openly in childhood. First of all, we ourselves make it a stereotype. After that they also say that how hesitant to speak, buy or use condoms. 

From movies to advertisement

Condoms in India, Words like pad are still viewed from the point of view of hesitation and taboo. Far from its use, people want to steal their eyes from its advertisement.

Take an example from last month i.e. in August 2022, when a condom advertisement has been put on the women’s seat in Delhi Metro, which is It became a cause of discomfort for the people. At the same time, the photo of this advertisement started going viral on social media and people started targeting DMRC. She is seen playing the role of a sales girl who sells condoms. No other girl works in the company she works for. That’s why they have to face a lot of problems.  During the promotion of this role, Nusrat was targeted for playing this role and made fun of her. He had to face a lot of trollers. 

Let us tell that according to a rule issued in the year 2017, TV channels were banned from showing condom advertisements from 6 am to 10 pm. Because the government says that it is not right to show such advertisements to children. Before this rule, ‘Kamasutra’ Condom advertisements, in which famous models Pooja Bedi and Mark Robinson appear, were also questioned.

India’s first condom brand ‘Nirrodh’

The first brand of condom in India was named ‘nirodh’ was. We also know Nirodh as Deluxe Nirodh. It was produced in the year 1968.  The biggest reason for the success of family planning and birth control campaigns in the whole country was prevention, due to these campaigns, the population growth rate of our India used to be 2.40 percent in 1964, which decreased to 1.80 percent in the year 2005. After 2005, in the next ten years i.e. 2015, the population growth rate here was 1.26 percent. 



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