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Why package for Pakistan’s F-16, that too without telling? India expressed strong objection to America

New DelhiIndia has expressed strong opposition to the US on the package given to Pakistan for F-16 aircraft. India has protested to Donald Lu, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, as well as questioned the timing of this decision. This package for Pakistan has been done by reversing the decision of the Trump administration. It has been decided on the US side that it will upgrade the fighter jet F-16 with the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

The Government of India believes that this will not affect the relations between the two countries, but there will be discomfort in the relations between the two countries. The disturbing thing for India is that America did not inform India about this important decision in advance. The issue was raised vigorously in all meetings with Lu after the US announcement.

He was told that the government expected the US to take care of India’s security interests. India has not said anything publicly on the issue so far. At the same time, it has been said from the US that this package will not include new capabilities, weapons or war material.

The government believes that India will remain on Pakistan’s F-16 target. Even if some aircraft are too old or not operational. On the other hand, the Taliban claim that Pakistan received this gift from the US to allow the use of its airspace to kill al-Zawahiri.

In 2018, the Trump administration suspended military aid to Pakistan for not taking action against terrorist groups. This decision has been reversed by the Biden administration. This decision has come at a time when some differences have also arisen with the US regarding India’s stand after Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Even after America’s pressure, India remained on its stand.



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