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Wife got husband murdered in Gurugram, together with lover gave 650 grams of gold supari

Gurugram Crime: A shocking incident has come to light in Gurugram, adjacent to Delhi, where a wife got her husband murdered along with his lover. For this, he had given 650 grams of gold betel nut to the killer. The person who was killed was a property dealer. This property dealer has been identified as Dharmesh and his age is 42 years.

According to the police, Dharmesh’s wife was eyeing his property, due to which the murder has been carried out. At present, a person named Mohammadeen has been arrested. At the same time, Dharmesh’s wife has confessed that she along with her lover Bablu Khan conspired to kill him and later planned to marry her lover Bablu Khan. Although the police have not yet caught Bablu Khan, he is absconding.

650 grams of gold given to lover Bablu Khan

Dharmesh’s wife has also told the police that before killing her husband, she had given 650 grams of gold to Bablu Khan. So that after killing her husband, she can marry Bablu Khan. According to the police, a big thing has come to the fore that both Neetu and Mohammadeen, wife of the arrested Dharmesh, are residents of Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh.

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20 years married, 2 kids

Surprisingly, Neetu and Dharmesh had been married for 20 years and these people also had 2 children. ACP Crime Preet Pal Singh has given this information. According to him, Neetu was introduced to Bablu Khan by her maid. During interrogation, it was found that Neetu suspected the former maid of having an affair with Dharmesh, so he fired her and after a few days hired a new maid to work. This maid had introduced Neetu’s life to Bablu Khan.

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