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Will BSP also join INDIA alliance? Mayawati’s successor made it clear

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Will BSP also join INDIA alliance?

New Delhi: All political parties have started preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This time the elections seem to be three-way. On one side NDA and on the other side India alliance seems to be forming. Apart from this, there are some parties which are not included in these two alliances. He is seen fighting differently this time.

The fourth meeting of the India Alliance was held on Tuesday 19 December. Lok Sabha elections were discussed in this meeting. Sources claimed that in this meeting there was also talk about lakar to Bahujan Samaj Party. After which there was speculation that BSP could also join this alliance. Now a big statement from the party’s national coordinator Akash Anand has come out regarding this possibility.

‘Some people are less afraid of BJP and more afraid of BSP’

Mayawati’s successor Akash Anand, writing on I want to convey that BSP does not believe in the hateful politics of alliance to get votes by showing fear of BJP. Because in the same way, at one time, some people came to power by showing fear of Congress and today the entire country is suffering the consequences of it.”

He said that the successful results of the fight for the respect and rights of the Bahujan community, which arose due to the hard work of Honorable Kanshi Ram Saheb and Respected Sister Ji, are visible on a large scale. Today no political party has the strength to ignore the Dalit community. Let me also make it clear that in the interest of the Dalit community and to protect the Constitution of Baba Saheb, BSP will not allow the country’s democracy to become the domain of two parties.

BSP will not make any compromise to save democracy – Akash

Akash Anand said that everyone knows what is the real character of Congress and BJP. Understanding the current situation of the country, BSP will not make any compromise to save the Constitution and democracy. We will fight and are ready for a bigger battle to protect the democratic rights given in the Constitution.

After this statement of Akash Anand, it has become clear that BSP will not join the India alliance. Let us tell you that after the alliance meeting on Tuesday, sources had claimed that some Congress leaders had advocated for the inclusion of BSP in the alliance. After which Samajwadi Party leaders had expressed their opposition to this. He had said that BSP cannot be trusted. However, some leaders had also termed these discussions as wrong.

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