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Will Congress be able to return to these states for decades?

This track belongs to a party which is probably going through its worst phase ever. The situation is that Congress is currently occupied with absolute majority in only two states. At the same time, it is in power in alliance with other parties in three states. Recently, many big leaders of the party have also left the Congress. In many states, there are reports of rebellion in the party cadre, even in the central leadership, reports of rift are common. 



Capital Delhi is also included in those states where Congress has dominated but once it is in power, the party has never returned. Assembly elections have been held in Delhi seven times since 1993. Out of these seven times, the Congress came to power the most, that is, four times."text-align: justify;"The first assembly elections were held in Delhi in the year 1993. Earlier it was a union territory, where assembly elections were not held. In the first assembly elections held in the capital Delhi, BJP won and came to power. There were a total of 70 assembly seats in this election, in which BJP won 49 seats with 47.82 percent votes. At that time, it got 14 seats with 34.48 percent votes.



Tamil Nadu

Uttar Pradesh 

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