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Will the storm in Rajasthan stop? Congress called a meeting next week… another attempt to find a solution to the Gehlot-Pilot dispute

Jaipur: The ongoing upheaval in Karnataka seems to be calming down now, but for the Congress high command, the storm within the party has not calmed down yet. Rather, as the date of elections draws near, there are indications of its rise in other states. These days the weather is going bad in Rajasthan. While on one hand the storm has worsened the situation in the state, on the other hand, the upheaval in Congress politics is like waves rising on a calm sea, which can take a formidable form anytime. An important meeting is to be held in Rajasthan next week in which the high command is hoping to find a solution. But it may be difficult to photograph Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and party leader Sachin Pilot smiling together.

Gehlot raised questions on not vacating the pilot’s house
A few days before the meeting, indications have started coming that the road to reconciliation between the two leaders is very rocky. This happened when Shyam Lodha, the official advisor to the Chief Minister, questioned Sachin Pilot for not vacating the house despite not being on the post of Deputy Chief Minister. So is this demand raised by Gehlot going to become a point of contention between Pilot and the Chief Minister again?

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Gehlot has already made it clear that he cannot trust Pilot, especially as his Jan Sangharsh Yatra-like approach will only help the BJP. In fact, the Chief Minister had recently said that it was madness to demand an inquiry into the examination scam involving Vasundhara Raje Scindia.

Pilot has the key to Gurjar community
At the same time, Pilot, refusing to exercise any more restraint, has accused Gehlot that he considers Vasundhara Raje Scindia as his leader instead of Sonia Gandhi. And have been continuously humiliating him in public forums by taking his name. However, despite talking of disciplinary action against the state in-charge Sukhwinder Randhawa’s informal visit to Sachin Pilot, the party is shying away from taking any step. In fact, Kamal Nath has already made it clear that such a decision can have the opposite effect. Especially the pilots who come from the Gujjar community, whose influence is not only in Rajasthan but also in Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

Will anything happen from the meeting?
In view of all these infighting, the party has been forced to hold a meeting next week so that a solution can be found. Many types of proposals are expected to come in the meeting. For example, the pilot can be made in-charge of the state. However, during the elections, Gehlot will not agree with this decision of the party because only the state in-charge has the power to give tickets during the elections.

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Pilot’s heart is fixed on becoming the Chief Minister. While the party wants to control this conflict, but after the recent war of words and the dispute related to the house, this storm does not seem to stop.

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