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Winter session of Parliament will start from today, government will bring 19 bills, these 3 bills are a challenge

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Winter session of Parliament will start from today

New Delhi: The winter session of Parliament is starting from today after the results of the assembly elections. The winter session of Parliament, which will last till December 22, may remain hot this time. Today, on the very first day of the session, a report related to Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra can be presented. The Ethics Panel of the Lok Sabha has recommended the expulsion of the TMC MP after investigation.

Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra’s troubles may increase

Moitra has been accused of ‘asking questions for money’. If Lok Sabha approves this report then Moitra’s membership will end. Congress is demanding discussion on this issue. Overall, this issue can heat up the entire atmosphere on the very first day.

Ethics Committee Chairman Vinod Kumar Sonkar will table the report in the House on Monday. After which it will be placed before the House for approval. There are full chances of an uproar during this period. The Ethics Committee has 10 members, out of which 6 members passed the report. Congress MP Preneet Kaur was also among those who passed. Congress has suspended Preneet Kaur.

Which bills is the government going to bring in the winter session?

The government has prepared to bring 7 bills, out of which everyone will keep an eye on the Chief Election Commissioner and Other Election Commissioners Bill, 2023. This bill has a provision for appointment of election commissioners through a panel, which will not include the Chief Justice of India.

Challenge these 3 bills

The key challenge for the Modi government will be to pass three bills (Indian Judicial Code, Indian Civil Defense Code and Indian Evidence Bill). These were investigated by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs. Whether the government will accept the panel’s recommendations or incorporate some of them will be known when the bill is presented.

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